Unsung Heroes #199

In the best of times, we take librarians for granted.

These past 16 months have not been the best of times.

Through it all though, the Westport Library staff has been there for us.

Despite an ever-changing environment, with constantly shifting rules, they’ve:

  • Delivered an astonishing array of virtual programs
  • Got the Verso studios up and running
  • Answered our reference desk phone calls and emails
  • Provided curbside pickup — and home delivery for folks unable to get out
  • Quarantined newly returned books
  • … and did all that (and much, much more) with their usual efficiency, aplomb and smiles.

Even when it was closed to the public, the Westport Library staff worked behind the scenes — sometimes remotely — to serve the public.

Like air and water, we just kind of expect our Westport Library to be there for us.

They’ve had as tough a year as the rest of us. Thanks to Bill Harmer and his entire staff for all they do — and to alert and gracious “06880” reader Iain Bruce, for reminding us of the magic that happens every day, down by the river in one of Westport’s true crown jewels.

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3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #199

  1. Fred Cantor

    Yes, an excellent choice. In the area where we had rented in SoCal, none of the neighboring libraries were close to being the equal of the Westport Library. We are all very fortunate.

  2. Dianne Quagliariello

    I, too, am VERY grateful & feel fortunate for all the assistance I received from the wonderful librarians at the WPL every week this past school year while homeschooling four children! They truly are our unsung heroes & sheroes!πŸ…

  3. Jacque O'Brien

    A very deserving tribute!