Everyone Onto The Porch!

Westport’s newest hot spot opened its doors yesterday.

And its porch.

From 6:30 a.m. till dark, The Porch at Christie’s was packed.

The Porch at Christie’s co-owner Bill Pecoriello, on the porch.

Neighbors, contractors, middle and high school kids, folks from across town — all headed to the Cross Highway bakery/café/ice cream stand.

They loved the breakfast specials, bowls, paninis, wraps and baked goods. They hung out on the porch (of course), and played cornhole on the grass.

But that’s only part of the story.

“We have 3 pillars: food, community and purpose,” says Bill Pecoriello, who with his wife Andrea own The Porch.

The food speaks for itself: high quality, affordable prices, everything from bagels  and egg sandwiches to crumb cakes, cookies, freshly turkey and roast beef, flatbreads, farro and salmon teriyaki — plus “fun snacks” for kids, like hot pretzels with dipping sauce, pizza pops and Belgian-style waffles.

Not to mention great J. Foster ice cream.

The Porch ice cream stand.

The community part is important too. At a soft opening for nearby residents on Saturday, newcomers from New York met 50-year residents. When the Pecoriellos turned off the lights, people were still socializing on the (of course) porch.

“Commuters, teachers, students, landscapers — everyone is welcome. There’s something for everyone, 7 days a week,” Andrea says. “Hello Friend” signs and t-shirts are everywhere. Half the employees are Staples students.

But “purpose” may be the most important pillar.

The Porch is the Pecoriellos’ second venture into providing opportunities for those who often lack them. Inspired by their 3 children’s volunteer efforts while at Staples High School, they founded Sweet P Bakery. The Norwalk non-profit teaches baking skills to people with disabilities — then hires them.

The Porch purchases baked goods from Sweet P. (The muffins, cinnamon buns and more are made in Norwalk, but finished at the store. The aroma alone will sell dozens a day.)

The bakery features sweet items from Sweet P.

They have also hired a dozen people with physical and developmental disabilities. They work the counter, serve as greeters, and help in other capacities. They’re trained and supervised by an educator.

That’s not all. The Pecoriellos — whose Sweet P bakery has partnered with STAR on a baking class — hope to sell paintings and more, made by STAR clients. And they’ve talked with Westport Book Shop (which also employs people with disabilities) to paint unsold books as decorative items, sell them, and split the profits.

Speaking of paint: You won’t find a more pleasant place to work (or eat) (or hang). The interior of what was most recently Chef’s Table is bright and new. Staples grad Jess Spector painted a mural on the side of the building, where extra chairs invite even more sitting.

The fresh, new Porch interior. (Photos/Dan Woog)

It was hard to tell yesterday who smiled more: the customers, employees or owners.

The Pecoriellos have worked hard for nearly a year to make their vision come true. Andrea described it as the kind of place where, “if I was on vacation somewhere in New England and saw this, I’d say, ‘If this was in Westport, I’d support it every day.'”

They’ve created that vibe, for sure.

And they’ve done much more.

During the soft opening, a man with a special needs son stopped by. He’d moved to Westport for the school system’s opportunities.

Seeing people with special needs greeting customers, and serving them, he thanked the owners.

Then he said, “Today, I see a future for my son.”

PORCH SWINGS: The Porch at Christie’s is open weekdays 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sundays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ice cream stand (adjacent to the store) is open weekdays from 2 to 8 p.m., weekends noon to 8.

A weekend-only brunch menu features babka French toast, pancakes, scrambles and more.

Online ordering is coming soon, through the website (www.theporchatchristies.com). QR codes will be available outside for customers who are still uncomfortable indoors; orders will be brought out.

Westport filmmaker Doug Tirola made a documentary about Sweet P Bakery. It plays on a loop near the baked goods. Another film is in the works, about the long history of the store — founded in 1926 by Christie Masiello.

Andrea and Bill Pecoriello: the visionary Porch owners.

15 responses to “Everyone Onto The Porch!

  1. Joan Nevin

    This is incredible! The Peciorellos are changing the world. Can’t wait to visit and support this venture!

  2. Mark Yurkiw

    Finally- someone with a vision and a purpose is taking the reins, I’ve been waiting for 15 years for this to happen. Kudo’s, Congrats, & Thank you.

  3. Eva Rosenblatt

    “ It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!”
    Welcome neighbor.

  4. Andrea and Bill are two of Westport’s finest. We are on our way!

  5. Karen Hess

    Congratulations to the Pecoriellos and best wishes for a successful new venture. We are looking forward to visiting The Porch this week!

  6. Jeffrey Wieser

    What a great enterprise. Thanks Andrea and Bill, and as always, thanks Dan for introducing us to wonderful Westport merchants whom we all want to support!

  7. Great news and a great story. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this venture to our community!

  8. Mercedes Escala

    Congratulations and welcome ! we are thrilled to have you in our community. This is business and purpose at it’s finest.

  9. Melissa Shein

    The Porch is a true gem! Today it was buzzing with people all getting to know each other on the porch. This is the perfect positive vibe for re-opening Westport. The menu is perfection and don’t tell anyone but the scone I had today was the absolute best. They have also found the key to great coffee so all those coffee snobs we have a new home.

  10. Bill Strittmatter

    Just drove by this morning around 11:15. Parking lot was overflowing with cars parked on road partially blocking the eastbound lane. Good for business if it keeps up and a nice “traffic quieting” feature for a through road.

  11. Peter Blau

    I’m so happy about this! I grew up at the Easton Road end of Bayberry, and Christies was so convenient and friendly. (And right on the way from my house to Staples.) Obviously tougher than ever to stay afloat in mom and pop retail, especially with the low population around there, but I sure hope they make it.

  12. Michelle Saunders

    Congratulations Andrea & Bill:
    We are so excited that you have transformed Christie’s into a community restaurant employing and supporting our special needs citizens. My boys also volunteered with organizations at Staples that tried to train disabled students, but none flourished. Thrilled to support you and The Porch!!!!

  13. Marcia Falk

    A fantastic and inspired story..reflects the BEST of Westport values.
    Cyclists are excited to welcome The Porch as it’s the perfect location for a break and snack. I will spread the word to the biking community. Congratulations to the Pecoriellos and the best of luck !

  14. Jeanine Esposito

    Wonderful story and continuation of this iconic space – congrats and Welcome to the new owners – we will be frequent visitors!

  15. Amanda Lewitton

    Simply amazing