“06880, The Podcast”: David Waldman

The inaugural episode of “0688o: The Podcast” was a hit. I chatted with superintendent of schools Thomas Scarice about how he came here, his challenges and joys, and what’s ahead for the district.

This week’s guest — David Waldman — is a native Westporter. He too has a huge impact on our town. He’s the developer behind Bedford Square, and the new offices and condos on the west side of the Saugatuck River. He’s revitalized Sconset Square, and turned an old bank into Patagonia.

There’s much more he’d love to do, in the town he loves. I asked him about Westport — what works, what doesn’t, and why — and he answered candidly.

We had a great time at the Westport Library’s Verso Studios. Click here to see my interview with David Waldman.

When you’re done, you’ll never look at downtown the same way again.

Screenshot of David Waldman on “06880: The Podcast.”

5 responses to ““06880, The Podcast”: David Waldman

  1. Jack Backiel

    Dan, David Waldman was probably in diapers when the Westport Bank & Trust Co. closed its doors. He looks way too young to have been a part of that. I wasn’t married then, so it’s more than 41 years ago. What am I missing here?

    • Westport Bank & Trust became several other banks after it closed. One was Lafayette; the other names were even less memorable.

      • Other names NOT less memorable, Dan….its final iteration is Fairfield County Bank which is the “new” name of Ridgefield Bank which has been around since 1871.

        • Michael Calise

          Sorry! Its final (?) – lets say current – iteration is Toronto Dominion Bank (T D Bank)

  2. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Congrats on your podcast! First two were terrific!