Resurgence Continues: New Restaurants, Shops Fill Downtown

In the space of a few weeks, 2 bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Westport Book Shop) and 2 restaurants (Basso, Capuli) opened downtown. Calico came too. All brought a new buzz to the area.

Turns out, they’re just the advance party. The cavalry is coming soon.

Mrs. London’s Boutique Bakery- for 20 years a fixture in Saratoga Springs, New York — replaces Aux Delices on Church Lane, at the foot of Elm Street.

They (she?) feature pastries, baguettes, croissants, grilled sandwiches, paninis, salads, quiches, soups, “decadent desserts,” espressos and teas. Ingredients are organic, locally grown and sourced.

Click here for Mrs. London’s website, and lick your lips.

Mrs. London’s desserts.

There’s more! Il Pastificio of Greenwich will open on the Post Road next to Nefaire Spa — just a couple of doors from Capuli.

They offer individual pastas and antipastos, salads, focaccias and desserts; pasta and ravioli trays, plus fresh, uncooked pasta and ravioli by the pound (and sauce!). There’s free delivery for orders over $60.

Mrs. London’s and Il Pastificio will join already-announced Cold Fusion Gelato and La Fenice Gelateria, a pair of intriguing much-more-than-ice-cream shops.

Looking forward to a sit-down meal? A new restaurant will take over the old Tavern on Main.

Still on the Main Street horizon: Sundance, Oka and State & Liberty.

Glowbar — a makeover place — moves in next to Madison Reed on Elm Street.

Tailored Home is coming to Sconset Square.

All should be open by late spring or early summer.


9 responses to “Resurgence Continues: New Restaurants, Shops Fill Downtown

  1. So Happy to hear some Good news and hope our ‘community’ comes out to introduce themselves and wish all these newbies well. They are only strangers till YOU say… Hello.

  2. Good News and Good Luck to all of them! Hopefully this is more like a WT Sherman led cavalry rather than a GA Custer cavalry.

  3. Ellen Wentworth

    So glad to hear about these new establishments. I may finally have a reason to go down town!

    • Il Pastaficio makes a divine white sauce, wonderful they will be in Westport.
      Tutti Pasta in Fairfield on Post Road offers not only pasta, but 3 course dinners. The owner is a Culinary Institute chef and local treasure. He cooks to your preference
      Best, lightest pasta next to my grandmother’s

  4. This is very good news. So many people have been sad to see the closed stores. This will make our coming out of both winter and the winter of this pandemic much more pleasant. I am so looking forward to dining inside again, and then getting an ice cream for dessert.

    In the meantime, please do takeout, dine outside and if you are comfortable inside as well.

  5. This is all very exciting!! Thanks so much for the wonderful recap of what’s to come to our beautiful town!!

  6. Mrs. London’s is an exceptional bakery. Now I won’t have to go all the way to Saratoga Springs to get my fix.

  7. June whittaker

    Cant wait for all these new places to open Go Westpirt

  8. This is all great news, although I’m having trouble understanding how new operators are going to make a go of these sites unless rents have been reduced. I hope that’s happening because it would be wonderful to see a sustainable vibrancy returning to our downtown area.