Barnes & Noble Back In Business

Less than 2 months after closing their Post Plaza location, Barnes & Noble is back.

The new site — the former Renovation Hardware — is smaller than the previous store, a couple of miles east.

Restoration Hardware was the previous tenant, for 20 years. For 80 years before that, this was the Fine Arts movie theater.

But there’s plenty of room for books of all types, games, puzzles and the like. The space is bright, fresh and airy. The shelves — as a press release noted — are “bespoke oak.”

There is no café. “There are plenty of good places for coffee and food downtown,” an employee says. “We want to be a good neighbor, and help everyone.”

Around noon, a steady stream of customers enjoyed downtown Westport’s newest retailer.

(Photos/Dan Woog)


6 responses to “Barnes & Noble Back In Business

  1. So happy to see a bookstore in downtown finally! Can’t wait to visit B&N with my kiddos this weekend!

  2. There are two bookstores downtown.

    Westport Book Shop is on Jesup, just around the block from the new Barnes & Noble.

  3. a downtown book store is the best…hard to beat the bookstore King…Klein’s🇺🇸

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    Tom Feeley, I liked Klein’s, but The Remarkable had a resident cat (or 2?) – that beats a store without a cat.

  5. Tom Feeley Sr.

    Joyce OK you win. Cats meow 😺

  6. As someone with small children who used to frequent B&N, this move, and the resulting reduction in easy parking/store access is entirely unwelcome and puts an end to it. Most of the other parents we’ve spoken with feel the same way. This is a win for downtown, but also a win for Amazon’s children’s book division and the awesome toy store.