Great Sandwich Contest Begins. Westporters Bite.

In the past couple of years Westporters have voted for their favorite pizzas, burgers and soups.

Next up: sandwiches.

The Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce’s Great Sandwich Contest runs throughout March. It’s dedicated to the memory of longtime A&S Fine Foods owner chef Albert Pizzirusso. The longtime Chamber supporter died earlier this month.

I have no idea what this sandwich is, or who made it. I found it on the internet. You didn’t think I’d play favorites, did you?

So far, 19 sandwich-making restaurants have signed up:

  • A&S Fine Foods
  • Calise’s
  • Capuli
  • Don Memo
  • Fortuna’s
  • Grammie’s Donuts & Biscuits
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Kawa Ni
  • Layla’s Falafel
  • Manna Toast
  • Match Burger Lobster
  • Mystic Market
  • Organic Krush
  • Outpost Pizza
  • Rive Bistro
  • Rizzuto’s
  • The Granola Bar
  • The Whelk
  • Winfield Street Deli.

They’ll compete in 10 categories:

  • Best chicken sandwich
  • Best steak sandwich
  • Best vegetarian sandwich
  • Best combo sandwich
  • Best club
  • Best New York deli
  • Best pressed sandwich
  • Best breakfast sandwich
  • Best wrap sandwich
  • Best fish/seafood sandwich.

Judges — that’s all of us — have the month of March to visit the venues and enjoy the offerings. Then click here to vote. To post on social media, use the hashtag #greatwestportsandwich.

The winning restaurants and/or markets will receive plaques. Contest sponsor is the Berchem Moses law firm.

Dig in!

13 responses to “Great Sandwich Contest Begins. Westporters Bite.

  1. Hands down, the best sandwich in Westport is a Hot Pastrami and Cheese sandwich from Gold’s.

  2. From long ago… Mr. Sandwich… the Super-Da-Lupa!

  3. Golds. Get with it and sign up!

  4. Linda Montecalvo

    Definitely, Golds is the absolute best for sandwiches but also missing from this list is Gaetano. Not a fair contest without Golds included in my mind.

  5. Bill Strittmatter

    Rye Ridge should be on the list. Loved them in Stamford and when they were in Fairfield. Just as good in Westport.

  6. You left out Panera. They have several excellent combos.

    • By the way — the other day I wrote that I thought Panera had closed. They are still open. I was there today, and was told that they closed for a week. Why, I do not know.

  7. Cristina Negrin

    By the way that picture of grilled Flank Steak triple decker with melted cheddar looks like a winner to me! Wish I was still in town I’d join the running for sure!

  8. Jr’s Deli and Grille 265 Riverside Ave should be on the list!

  9. I believe all restaurants, delis etc., were contacted. Not all have responded to the invitation to participate by the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce.

  10. Werner Liepolt

    What category covers Banh Mi? Kawa Ni’s is sub lime.

  11. Are we allowed to vote based on past experiences—In other words, if we can’t sample the food first-hand this March? And, Golds deserves Best New York Deli in my opinion.

    Rive Bistro has a fabulous chicken breast sandwich for lunch as well as a terrific salmon burger. We look forward to enjoying these options and others soon (via takeout or delivery)! Debbie refers to the area right around us in SoCal as “a food desert” compared to Westport (with the exception of one excellent deli).