Roundup: Reusable Takeout, Super Bowl, More


Like many Westporters, Yulee Aronson’s family orders a lot of takeout food.

Environmentally conscious, he hates throwing away single-use containers. So he researched companies that offer reusable ones.

He found several. The closest — DeliverZero — is in Brooklyn. They provide containers to restaurants, for takeout or delivery. Diners can return them to the delivery person the next time they order from a participating restaurant, or drop them off themselves. A list of DeliverZero restaurants is on their website.

Yulee asked the owner what it would take to bring his service to Westport. He said, “5 participating restaurants.”

So: How about it, Westport? If you’re a restaurant owner, do you want in? If you’re a diner, would you ask your favorite owners to join?

If so, email We’ll let you know when we’re ready to start!


Not sure who to root for in Sunday’s Super Bowl?

Forget the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. Just cheer for a guard: the Bucs’ Ali Marpet.

He has a great back story: The Hobart College alum is the highest Division III player ever drafted in the NFL. Now he’s got a 5-year, $54 million contract blocking for Tom Brady.

He grew up not far away, in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, where his mother sang in the band Housewives on Prozac, and founded both the Mamapalooza music and arts festival and the Museum of Motherhood.

Oh, yeah: That mom is 1975 Staples High School graduate Joy Rose.

The New York Post provides the full back story. Click here for details. (Hat tips: Bill Halprin and Fred Cantor)

Ali Marpet (left) on draft day and his mother Joy Rose (right), flanking his siblings Zena and Blaze.


Before cheering for Ali Marpet — and digging into wings and nachos — consider doing a tough workout. You’ll feel good. And you’ll help a great cause.

The workout is a 6-minute pullup bar hang or 6-minute plank, followed by either a half-mile run and 30 pushups, or 2 rounds of 75 jumping jacks, 35 mountain climbers, 15 pushups and 7 burpees. There are other options too.

The cause — after registering ($25 per person, or $40 if you want a t-shirt) is Catch a Lift. The national organization — which has a strong Westport presence, thanks to Adam Vengrow and Andy Berman — helps thousands of post-9/11 combat-wounded veterans regain mental and physical health through gym memberships, home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs, and a peer support network.

Click here to register, and for more information.


Lynsey Addario’s compelling New York Times photos of COVID’s very real effects on very real people in the UK has caught the eye of CNN.

The 1991 Staples High School graduate (and Pulitzer Prize winner, and MacArthur fellow) was interviewed by Rosemary Church. It’s a sobering look at her work — and at the lives and deaths of a few of the millions impacted by the pandemic. Click here (not below — that’s a screenshot) to see.


Once again, Homes with Hope is part of the Wilton Kiwanis Club’s annual Citrus & Chocolate Fundraiser.

A variety of offerings includes combo packaging with samplings of citrus, plus a great assortment of See’s chocolates.

Every box of fruit or chocolate ordered through the Homes with Hope link benefits our local supportive housing organization. Click here to order. Click here for more information.


Westporters are used to deer. One, two, sometimes even three eat our bushes, and bound out of the woods.

But it’s rare to 6 at once. Eric Roth took this photo yesterday, on Dogwood Lane.

(Photo/Eric Roth)

They look hungry. It’s not easy feeding such a large family — especially in a snowstorm.


Hal Holbrook — who died recently at 95 — spent more than 6 decades portraying Mark Twain.

As John Kelley notes, one of those performances was on Halloween night in 1959, at Staples High School.

The school had just opened its modern North Avenue campus. The PTA had an active arts program, bringing musicians, dancers and actors to the new auditorium stage.

Hal Holbrook might have been the most famous name of all.

Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain (Photo/Sara Krulwich for the New York Times)


COVID-delayed openings today: Westport Library (1 p.m.) and Westport Weston Family YMCA (12:30 p.m.).


And finally … Happy Groundhog Day!

4 responses to “Roundup: Reusable Takeout, Super Bowl, More

  1. Bill Stevenson

    Maybe it’s just me but…….I’m not quite sure how comfortable I feel about receiving containers that have been used by somebody previously.
    Yes, I know they clean them thoroughly before sending them back out to another customer, but I’m still on the fence. Customers also have to remember to thoroughly rinse them and store them somewhere before they order again from a participating restaurant.

    Great idea though, and I’m hoping they’ll do well.

    Regarding the deer, I’m shocked to read that it’s rare to see that many together. That’s a normal daily site at our house for at least 15 years now.
    Then again, the way they hang around—within feet of the house—they may think it’s “their” house and land at this point!

    • If you were older you might remember that all sorts of things came in re-usable containers. Milk came in glass bottles and you left the “empties” for the milkman to take back. Coca Cola and Pepsi came in glass bottles with a 2 cent deposit. But with the age of plastic we get a new one every time and then it goes into the ocean.

    • Isabelle Breen

      What about when you eat out at a restaurant? Would you ask for paper plates at The Sherwood or Da Pietro’s?? it’s probably the context that makes it feel different. And yeah, Covid. But people are eating at restaurants during Covid too.

  2. Elisabeth Keane

    There have been several-to-many deer on my property at least twice daily for the past 30+ years and probably longer than that. Some of them eat from the birdfeeder. The Dogwood Lane deer likely are among those who visit my property and my neighbors daily. The take-out/delivery food containers are wonderful for freezer use, storage for various bits and things (hardware, rubber bands, etc.), perfect for sharing goodies with folks (and pre-Covid sending leftovers home with visitors) as well as serving gardening purposes and as outdoor water bowls for deer, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, roaming cats, and other assorted wildlife including the local hawk that last month sat on the front railing for approximately 10 minutes.