Lynsey Addario: In UK, Pandemic Takes “Almost Unbearable Toll”

In her Pulitzer Prize-winning career as a photojournalist, Staples High School graduate Lynsey Addario has trained her camera on the world’s most dangerous hot spots.

She’s done it again.

This time the place is Britain. There, the coronavirus is taking “an almost unbearable toll.”

Having covered war and humanitarian crises for 20 years, the MacArthur fellow  writes today, “I recognize the trauma I see in front-line workers. The pain and sadness can be overwhelming.”

One of 30 ICU patients in north London’s Barnet Hospital. It usually holds 15 to 19. (Photo/Lynsey Addario for New York Times)

Her story today — “It’s Still Getting Worse. Inside Britain’s Vicious Second Wave” — is visually stunning. Her words are an equally graphic reminder that the pandemic is far from over.

“Though the vaccine — which has reached over seven million people in Britain — is a light at the end of the tunnel, the darkness of what the country has experienced must not be forgotten,” she adds.

“For frontline workers and all Britons, these pictures stand as testaments to their trauma and their perseverance.”

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Funeral homes in Britain are ordering extra coffins. (Photo/Lynsey Addario for New York Times)

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  1. Almost unbearable toll in the UK due to Covid-19! Thank you….