New Look For An Old Pastime

It’s a pastime as old as, well, the hills.

When snow falls, Westporters head to their favorite sledding spots.

Birchwood Country Club, Greens Farms Elementary School and Staples High are old favorites. When the town bought Winslow Park in 1988, it quickly became another cold weather hot spot.

Not much has changed since our parents and grandparents sledded, tobogganed and slid down these slopes. That’s the way it should be.

The only thing new, in fact, is this view.

Check out Mark Mathias’ drone footage. And — this being 2021, when we worry about these things — be assured, it’s all FAA regulations-compliant.

2 responses to “New Look For An Old Pastime

  1. Sally Kellogg, Naples, FL

    Before the houses were built at the foot of Minute Man Hill, along Compo Rd, that was an awesome sledding hill. We’re talking 60 years ago. Once our toboggan sailed over the old stone wall into the middle of Compo Road. Imagine what would have happened in today’s high traffic world…

  2. Wendy Crowther

    I love the sight and sound of seeing families gleefully sliding their way down Winslow Park’s main hill – I’m a neighbor so it’s within earshot and eyesight. It does my heart good to know that, even in today’s world, one that includes coverage enabled by drones flying overhead, kids and adults can still have fun doing something as old fashioned and quaint as sliding down a few inches worth of frozen water droplets.