In A Pandemic, Telemedicine Thrives had a 10-year growth plan.

They achieved it in about 2 months.

That’s not surprising. is a telemedicine company. They link clinicians and patients over the internet or phone. It’s simple (no downloads required). And it’s free. (Revenue comes from premium features.)

The pandemic has fueled exponential growth in telemedicine. Colin Livingston — Doxy’s resolution support manager (aka troubleshooter and tech support guy) — has not had a day off since he joined the company last March.

Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s a global company. But — just as with telemedicine — employees can work anywhere. Livingston — a 1995 Staples High  School graduate — has an office in the same house he grew up in.

He adores Westport: the arts, culture, dog park, beach and Longshore. Many Staples friends still live in the area.

Colin Livingston and friend.

But the demands of COVID mean that Livingston spends even parts of weekends and holidays at work.

He believes strongly in Doxy’s mission: that everyone, everywhere, can access medical professionals, without ads or complex technology.

The coronavirus may herald a permanent shift to telemedicine, he says. “People see how easy it is not to get in a car to see someone.”

Doxy’s users include COVID clinics, therapists, even veterinarians. “You feel comfortable being able to see your dog or cat,” he notes.

After working previously for the company, Livingston was brought back in the explosive, early-growth days of the pandemic. He recalls being in CVS a few days after Westport’s infamous “super-spreader” party. Someone coughed in a way he’d never heard before. He turned and left.

Befitting someone who spends his days involved with telehealth, Livingston takes precautions. He orders takeout from restaurants. On the golf course, he and his partners stay socially distant.

Still, he says, “if I didn’t have golf and my bike last summer, it would have been really bad.”

Mostly though, he’s home.

“Everyone talks about all the TV shows they’ve seen,” he says of the new normal.

“I haven’t watched any at all. Pretty much from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., I’m at work.”

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  1. I grew up in 06880 territory but now live in the Southeast. I work as a Telemdeicine ICU doctor. We use technology as part of our service. Very cool to see the Westport connection!