Pic Of The Day #1382

Compo Beach sunrise (Photo/Jimmy Izzo)

15 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1382

  1. Sandra Calise Cenatiempo

    WOW! That’s a beautiful picture!

  2. Ellen Wentworth


  3. James, James, spectacular…thank you!

  4. Great picture Jimmy

  5. Jimmy, I didn’t know you had moved to Hawaii.

  6. Wow!! Fantastic photo

  7. Kathryn Coster


  8. Wow – incredible picture!!

  9. Ray O'Sullivan

    You would think that there is nothing else in Westport but Compo and Buying Hill beaches. How about something a little different that the stupid beaches?!

    • Ray, I learned long ago that there are two types of complainers: those who bitch and moan, and those who try to make a difference.

      Do you think Pics of the Day fall from the sky? Readers contribute them. They find beach scenes beautiful and fascinating, in all kinds of weather and all year long. Our beaches are one of the joys of living in Westport.

      Yours was the 9th comment on Jimmy Izzo’s photo. Eight readers used words like “spectacular” and “gorgeous.” Everyone has a right to their own taste, but what a shame you are unable to appreciate the beauty of this town.

      Meanwhile, how many photos have YOU submitted? Zero. Rather than sit around stewing because you don’t like the photos, why don’t you get moving and take some photos of scenes you like? Sure, it takes more work than banging out a complaint. But it’s also a lot more satisfying.

      Of course, no one forces you to read “06880,” or look at the Pics of the Day. Which, by the way, have consisted in the last 5 days of 1) Compo sunrise 2) Sunrise over Watch Hill, on North Compo Road 3) Ned Dimes Marina 4) Reflection of trees on Hillspoint Road puddle 5) Train whizzing past the railroad bridge.

      I look forward to your first submission for a Pic of the Day.

    • Yo, Raybo, or whomever you really are, that ain’t a “beach.” It’s nature’s gift to us all, whether we give a shit about beaches or not…it’s called SUNRISE.

  10. Thank you all for the wonderful comments…lucky to catch one of the many cool Compo moments nature gives us…


  12. Eva Lopez-Reyman.