Photo Challenge #317

Last week’s posting hit the Photo Challenge sweet spot.

It was indeed a challenge. Most guesses were wrong (and all over the Westport map). A few were right.

It impelled readers to provide thoughts on the back story too. Along the way, we traveled back in (and learned about) our town’s history.

Frank Rosen’s image of an abandoned brick and rock structure deep in some woods was not taken at Baron’s South, Nash’s Pond, Post Road West near Kings Highway South, or either the Evergreen Avenue, Willowbrook or Wilton Road/Kings Highway cemetery.

The correct answer: Newman Poses Preserve off Bayberry Lane. Specifically, it’s past a dilapidated bridge, near the river. (Click here to see.) 

Was it an ice house? A cow tunnel? Something to do with an onion farm?

We still don’t know.

But we do know that Janis Wasserman and Kathie Bennewitz both correctly identified whatever it is correctly. They know their open spaces!

This week’s Photo Challenge was taken last month, during our only snowfall this winter.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this sad, ineffective fence, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lou Weinberg)

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #317

  1. Possibly by Waksman Fields.

  2. Long Lots School parking lot near the Community Gardens.

  3. Little league fields on Compo Road North?

  4. Lower parking lot at Longshore.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    I know that odd gate well and won’t give it away, but there is one accurate guess here already.

  6. Michael Boyle

    In the Imperial Ave parking lot where the school buses go temporarily in the daytime separating the paved upper lot from the lower dirt lot doing nothing for nobody.

  7. In back of Town Hall?

  8. Trump’s border wall with Mexico

  9. Elaine Marino

    Long Lots School parking lot on the side near the Community Garden. I nearly took a photo of this weird “gate to nowhere” last week as a Photo Challenge submission but my rescue pup distracted me.

  10. Diane and Elaine are correct. This “fence to nowhere” is at Long Lots Elementary School, near the Community Garden. There must be a back story to this somewhere!

  11. Bronwyn Cousins

    Long lots elementary parking lot

  12. Joyce Barnhart

    The gate seems to effectively block access by unauthorized trucks to the pile of wood chips farther back on the property for use in the Community Garden. It looks very different in the snow, but the giveaway is that the photographer, Lou Weinberg, is the president of the WCG. Hi, Lou

  13. Louis Weinberg

    Hi Joyce. The picture here is a “gate to nowhere.” It is a mystery. We do have another “cattle gate” which is there to stop illegal dumping of wood chips and other things. Thank you to the Parks Department for that.

  14. Michael Calise

    Likely a gate to the Jaeger Greenhouses that were there before the town purchased the property. One of the Jaeger’s would know.

  15. That gate was not there when my family owned the greenhouse property.

  16. Long lots by public garden