Pic Of The Day #1378

Train streaks through Westport (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

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  1. Great shot!

  2. My childhood memory is meeting my father many a night as he came home from a long day in the city. We’d wait on the “New Haven side” and watching those big engines with NH on the front or side (both-) and then looking for him on the platform. With dad found, and in-hand, It was fun to see the rounded bar car at the back as the train edged away. Other times, it was to be scurrying to that side n the tunnel as the train came in overhead. Perhaps other readers may recall those days in the 59s or 60s as well.

    • The rounded cars, known as observation cars, were designed to be placed on the ends of trains, as they still are in Canada, to allow passengers rear view of the scenery. The new Haven RR bought 2 such cars for their flagship train, the Merchants Limited. But economics ended turning the train around and thus the car would end up in the front. As a result, there cars were put into mid-train bar car service. When Amtrak and Metro North divvied up the equipment, the observation cars went to Metro North. The last time I saw one, it was in fact the last car on a commuter train–someone at Metro North ssd an appreciation of what the cars were designed for.

  3. Great photo!

  4. Great shot!

  5. I always enjoyed being on that bridge when a fast moving train came by. But most trains on the outer track were not going very fast because they had just stopped at the station. But when a fast thru-train came on the outer tracks, that was kind of exciting – perfectly safe and the closest you’ll ever be to anything that big and that fast. You can’t be blown off the bridge or sucked into the train. It’s just fun!

  6. Awesome photo!

  7. Thrilling! Cha Cha Cha!!!

  8. Another vote for a great photo!