Photo Challenge #316

One of the great things about chess is that you can play it anywhere.

Including outside the Westport Library, on the bank of the Saugatuck River.

A chessboard is built into one of the tables outside the lower level, by the Riverwalk.

It’s our answer to Washington Square Park. And Diane Johnson, Fred Cantor, Andrew Colabella, Joelle Malic, Seth Schachter, Susan Iseman and Caroline Sherman all correctly identified last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Check, mates!

This week’s Challenge is intriguing. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

And if you know the back story — which I sure don’t — add that too. I’m sure it’s a good one.

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #316

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    Total guess – somewhere on the Baron’s property?

  2. I have no idea “where” but i have a guess at the “what” – it looks like an old ice house where people would cut up or buy ice in the winter and then store it for use in the summer. There is one in Weston behind the house at the southeast corner of Weston Road and Norfield Road.

  3. Cemetery corner of Wilton Road and Kings Highway North

  4. Looks like it’s somewhere on Baron’s south property.

  5. Janis Wasserman

    I think it’s on the the former Poses property – 95 Coleytown Road –

  6. I think it is at the old cemetery at the intersection of King’s Highway and Wilton Rd.

  7. I think this is somewhere in relation to Nash’s Pond … when they did have an ice business of some sort

  8. Patricia Driscoll

    Cemetery evergreen Ave.

  9. This is located behind a glass office building on Post Road West. It’s near the corner of Kings Highway South. The structure is located exactly in between the Post Road W building parking lot and a private home which is on Kings Highway South.

  10. Today Westport officials announced that, in order to keep annoying taxpayers out of town hall long after Covid is a dim memory, a special “welcome room” has been established in an earthen embankment beside the building where residents can wait for the assistance they need. Although not heated in response to climate change concerns, officials noted that the room has a direct telephone line to town hall “and a chair”.

  11. Great guesses all. So far, only one is correct: Janis Wasserman. This is on the former Poses property — now the Newman- Poses Preserve — off Bayberry Lane. It’s near the river, right past the dilapidated bridge.

    Bill Coley notes that it may be an ice house. Sounds like there were once plenty of them, all around town.

    • Many years ago they offered me the job of caretaker. I believe they had 25 acres of which 4 acres were landscaped.

  12. the photo challenge — at the intersection of rt. 33 and Kings highway — there is a cemetery and I think this where it’s at — opposite Fort Apache medical buildings.

  13. Kathie Bennewitz

    This Is at along the Aspetuck on a far corner of the Posey Newman preserve, at the corner of COleytown Rd a the abandoned bridge

  14. Willow. Rook cemetry

  15. Brandon Malin

    Newman Poses preserve, around the old wooden bridge. Must have an interesting back story!

  16. Lori Winthrop

    There is another one on Fraser road that leads to a tunnel under the north avenue extension and ends up on Fraser lane. Supposedly something to do with the old onion farm??? Would love the answer as I grew up on Fraser toad

  17. Lori might be on to something! This might be a cow tunnel?

  18. Lori Winthrop

    The childhood rumor was that the whole area was onion fields and that that may have been one of many storage tunnels…. a mystery, but the one on Fraser still existed as of a bunch of years ago, cobwebs and all

  19. I would be more than happy to ask the owner for permission to take a picture of this tunnel if someone could provide an address.