Photo Challenge #314

Some Photo Challenges can be answered by anyone who has once lived in Westport. They’re permanent parts of our landscape.

Others are solvable only by those who live here now. But those bits of town will still be around for a while.

Last week’s Challenge could only be known by the latter grouop. If you haven’t seen it though, you better not wait too long.

Amy Schneider’s photo showed a beautiful butterfly. It’s hidden in plain sight — the alley behind Anthropologie, in Bedford Square — but it won’t be there forever. (Click here to see.)

The colorful charcoal work by Susan Fehlinger is part of an outdoor art project called “Vanishing Species/Vanishing Murals.” Sponsored by the Artists’ Collective of Westport, it’s one of 4 pieces that — exposed to the elements — will disappear.

Which is exactly what’s happening to so many creatures around the globe.

“The process of aging, fading and degradation speaks to the attention span of our fast-paced world, and offers its own lesson on the ephemeralness of art and life itself,” the Collective says.

Rindy Higgins, Nancy Axthelm, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Michael Calise and Jeanne Esposito all knew exactly where to spot the lovely butterfly.

For now, at least.

This week’s Photo Challenge is a lot more permanent. And a lot less friendly.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Elaine Marino)


20 responses to “Photo Challenge #314

  1. Not a clue. Just wanted to be first.

  2. The private road by the New Haven-bound side of the train station?

  3. the Saugatuck, 35 Bridge Street, AKA Geezer Gardens

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I wonder if this is on the boundary of Burying Hill Beach. I have a memory from decades ago of some signage there, but this is probably much more recent.

  5. Michael Calise

    gate (open) to houses at old mill

  6. Michael Calise

    (compo mill cove)

  7. I do believe this is old mill out to the homes

  8. No correct guesses so far. This is NOT by any beach, nor is it at The Saugatuck residences.

  9. Old Mill Beach. I used to love to walk the quiet, peaceful walk. My son, Lewis, and I called it our “Fire Island Walk” because it reminded us of the serenity (and lack of cars) on our favorite NY place. Now, alas, it can no longer be accessed. I assume the residents had a good reason … careless trespassers? vandalism? noise? drunken strollers?

  10. Gloria Gouveia

    Sasco Creek 1655 Post Rd East

  11. Behind Trader Joe’s the staircase leading up to the neighborhood including Pine, Birch, Spruce and Linden Streets.

  12. Kevin McCaul

    Behind Vineyard Vines?

  13. Susan Iseman

    The entrance to Old Mill where the residences are that wind out toward Sherwood Island- past the footbridge.

  14. Terry Sauer got it! It’s behind the Compo Acres Shopping Center (Trader Joe’s). There’s a staircase leading up to the neighborhood including Pine, Birch, Spruce and Linden Streets. I guess you had to live there — or have reason to go back there — to know it exists.

  15. I did live there, the summer of 1956. the wall and sign were not there yet, but we had a “secret trail” down to Compo Acres Pharmacy, Finast, Food Fair, Franklin Simon, and the Lox Box (soon to become Gold’s).

  16. Elisabeth Keane

    That “secret trail” remained active until several years ago when that upper lot was demolished in the and eventually, under pressure, the landlord finally installed the staircase which is a royal pain when carrying packages. The “secret trail ” made walking excursions to TJoe etc., and Compo Acres across the street a pleasant walk and not difficult when returning with one’s purchases. it encouraged walking and was so convenient. The staircase is a poor substitute.

  17. The wall behind Trader Joe’s