Roundup: Pearl Closes, Scam Warning, More

Yesterday marked the final day for Pearl at Longshore.

Judy Auber Jahnel was there, as the waterside restaurant ended its 5-year run. She says: “Had a wonderful early, last (melancholy) dinner and sunset at Pearl tonight. The staff even took a pic on the lawn. I’ll miss them!

(Photo/Judy Auber Jahnel)

Police report a scam in Saugatuck.

Someone entered a store yesterday, claiming he had to inspect the fire extinguishers. He told an employee he had spoken with the store manager, and showed an invoice for $198.15 to cover the replacements that the manager had “agreed would be paid in cash.” The employee paid; the man said he’d return with 2 new extinguishers, but never did.

The suspect is white, approximately 6 feet tall and 190 pounds, in his 30s. His black sweater and blue shirt attempted to mimic a Fire Department official. Anyone with information about this scam should call 203-341-6000.

And finally … George Harrison died 19 years ago today, of lung cancer. He was just 58.

Nearly everyone has a favorite Beatle. He was mine.

2 responses to “Roundup: Pearl Closes, Scam Warning, More

  1. Hanne Jeppesen

    Paul is mine, but I like all of them. Here comes the Sun, is one of my favorite Beatles songs. When the Beatles first became popular, I was living in my native Denmark, my friends and I were more into jazz at that times. Copenhagen along with a few other European Cities had a very active jazz scene. So at first I was not a Beatles fan, however that all changed when “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club” album came out, by then I was living in Westport, since then liked many of their songs, including some of the earlier ones that I initially didn’t care for.

    • Russell Gontar

      Somebody once asked why there wasn’t a Beatles “greatest hits” album. The anwser is that all of their albums are greatest hits albums.