Photo Challenge #309

I haven’t counted, but probably 90% of the Long Island Sound images I post are of Compo and Old Mill.

Both spots are photographers’ dreams. Cannons, jetties, a marina, a playground, a Cape Code-style cove — those and much more keep professionals and amateurs snapping away.

But Westport’s water views are hardly limited to our 2 most popular beaches. Saugatuck Shores, Sherwood Island and Burying Hill also provide ever-changing photographic opportunities.

Other vistas too should get more attention than they do. One was last week’s Photo Challenge.

Tom Lowrie’s shot looked west, toward Burying Hill and, beyond, Sherwood Island. It was taken from Beachside Avenue — the site, 350 years ago, of the first white settlements in what is now Westport. (Click here to see.)

It’s one of the prettiest spots in town. But only Jacque O’Brien, Rob Hauck, Andrew Colabella, Rich Stein and Tom Wall correctly identified it. Congratulations!

Here is this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below. Bonus points if you’ve got the back story!

(Photo/Mary Gai)

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #309

  1. Is this part of Bridge Square?

  2. I believe this in on main street where the Christmas tree is… savy grace

  3. Forget my first response. I just remembered: Jewels by Jason.

  4. The building next to where Tavern on Main used to be.

  5. East side of Main St looking North

  6. Above the entrance to Brandy Melville on Main Street.

  7. Michael Don Sullivan

    Hi Dan! It’s on the building that used to have Great Stuff! Next to Tavern on Main! Looked at it everyday for 24 years from Oscar’s Deli?

  8. Michael Don Sullivan

    …it was especially beautiful with snow on it! I’d like to see a picture of that,if any of your readers has one?

  9. Brandy Melville? OMG are they doing good business! Half of Westports teens and preteens line up there!

  10. Correct! It’s on the Main Street building housing Brandy Melville (long ago Jewels by Jason, as Fred Cantor notes), next to Savvy + Grace and the former Tavern on Main, across from Oscar’s. Well done, gang!

  11. This once resided in the basement of my house on Franklin Avenue in the 1950’s. My father, Ed Smith, gilded this before it was hung up on Main Street.

  12. Jill Turner Odice

    This Eagle is on the front of the building on Main Street, my late husband Louis Odice’s salon was in on the 3rd floor. He took over the salon from Martin Pinto. It was also the apartment of Tom Head a photographer, and a vintage clothing store at various times. Downstairs was an Ice cream shop run by one of Stew Leonard’s kids, and New England Jewelers jewelry repair by the Hampel brothers ( Matt and Bob) in the back . Chou Chou Raum’s Dad Jason had a jewelry shop there and they lived up stairs. There was a Crystal shop on the 2nd floor, and a travel agency over the years. Also a fur shop at one time…

  13. Rosemary Milligan

    It will always be “Chez P” to me.

  14. The first floor once housed an antique shop called “Things.”