Pearl At Longshore Closes Soon

For nearly 5 years, Pearl at Longshore has been a favored destination. Diners loved the menu, the location, the decor and the service.

Perhaps there were not enough of them. Today, owners Marc and Lois Backon write:

Dear Westport,

With Thanksgiving approaching, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the Pearl family – from the staff to investors, the town of Westport and guests who we have had the pleasure of serving since February of 2016.

This may seem a bit ironic today as we announce that on Saturday, November 28, Pearl at Longshore will be closing.

Our story and mission for Pearl was actually quite simple when we set out on the journey in 2015. We wanted to bring life back to Longshore for Westport and the surrounding community, when we saw the restaurant and patio space within the Inn at Longshore laid bare for over a year.

We wanted to resurrect this very special location and turn it into the gem of Westport for all to enjoy and be proud of. We wanted to create jobs, we wanted to create a “uniquely Pearl” environment for people to create their own special memories over delicious food, drink and entertainment.

We, and hope all who frequented Pearl — whether for special occasions with family and friends, date night, graduations, holidays, drinks at the bar after a long work week, round of golf or enjoying live music on the patio in the summer — believe we succeeded at this mission.

There is a great opportunity and destiny ahead for Pearl. A new management group is taking over responsibilities for The Inn at Longshore, and in turn will also take over the restaurant and patio area. They will have the ability to holistically reimagine Longshore, and not be restricted by what restaurant space is today.

All that is special of Pearl remains open until the evening of the Saturday the 28th, so please come in and enjoy. We also invite all to have Thanksgiving dining at Pearl, or pick up for home dining.

Again, we are so very grateful for being able to bring Pearl into the lives of so many people and appreciate the dedicated support of the staff and of the community for the last 4 years.

(Hat tip: Janet Kinnally)

13 responses to “Pearl At Longshore Closes Soon

  1. Such a loss, will definitely miss this place. Wishing good luck to Marc and his wife…hope they remain a part of the restaurant scene in Westport.

  2. Cristina Negrin

    So wait, the new lease holders of Longshore have kicked Pearl out?

  3. LOVED working here last summer for a few months. Great staff, v sad news.

  4. All through Covid, you have kept our family well fed with interesting options during the most difficult time.. and we always knew exactly what we were getting- meaning whatever we chose it would be Terrific! I think you guys were really in the first group of restaurants to pivot- and (figure it out)
    for all of us who were afraid to go out, just to the store..

    My only complaint is that when you get Brad Pitt, Leonardo D’caprio AND Bradley Cooper in—all at ONCE— well… I wanted a smoke signal or something!
    Thank you so much,
    Betsy and Dan Kahn

  5. Lois and Marc, you both have done a superb job in bringing Pearl @ Longshore to the community of Westport. Thank you both so much!!

  6. The hits just keep on coming..This bums me out as I enjoyed this place.

  7. Carl Addison Swanson

    My first thought was why is a long standing tenant of town property calling it quits? Could not a financial arrangement be worked out to sustain the restaurant? But with no end in sight, with spikes in the virus increasing every day and some stating normalcy will not return until 2024, I guess it is an inevitable fate. I will miss dinner at the Pearl after a round of golf.

  8. Enormous thanks to Marc and Lois, and the intrepid crew they assembled, for bringing the Pearl to life, and for providing us all with nearly five years to enjoy such a happy oasis. Wishing them great health and happiness in their continued adventures, and joining them in cheering on the new management group as they work to create fresh magic at The Inn at Longshore.

  9. Loved every time I dined at
    Pearls. Will truly miss it.

  10. Christian Hunter

    Marc and Lois are successful, lovely people, offering hospitality unrivaled by anyone in our area. They were always welcoming to me during the time in which I published my novel ‘the Regular’, and Jazz Thursdays and Sunday afternoons on the back patio were can’t miss events, ones that I will now greatly miss.

    All the love in the world to Marc and Lois, and all the best to you both whatever life brings your way:)

  11. Thank you Dan Woog – for always being an ally. Thank you Westport. The thoughts you have expressed over the past 24 hours mean so much. Wishing all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. XO Lois and Marc

  12. This was a great place, and everybody who has dined there is going to miss it. Thank you, Marc and Lois, for all the good times you provided.

    COVID seems to be wiping out our lives one little piece at a time. People keep wondering when things will get back to normal, but if this goes on for much longer, there’s not going to be any normal left to get back to.

  13. Not only a great restaurant/bar with wonderful staff, but a caring for the community backed up with active support and even financial contributions. Pearl will be sorely missed in Westport.