Roundup: COVID Testing, VOTE!, Dentists, Kart Racing, More

As the number of COVID cases rises in Connecticut, so does testing demand.

This was the scene today before 7 a.m., at the St. Vincent’s Health Center site. The line of cars stretched far down Long Lots Road.

(Photo/Adam Stolpen)

Remember that “VOTE” sculpture that went up right before Election Day on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge?

It was created by Westporter Mark Yurkiw.

On Tuesday morning — as voters headed to the polls — this was all that remained:

Mark collected the pieces. He realized the damage did not come from the wind. If that was the culprit, they’d be scattered on the river. Instead, Mark says, all the letters were there on the ground.

He collected them, brought them home, and took this photo:

(Photos/Mark Yurkiw)

He calls this tryptic “Battered Not Broken.”

“Rock Paper Scissors” — the sculpture, not the game — was officially dedicated yesterday on Jesup Green. now that the official ribbon cutting has taken place.

Ann Sheffer — who with her husband Bill Scheffler dedicated the work — eloquently described how the influence of her Westport family encouraged her longtime support of the Westport Library, and how her desire to keep the arts thriving in Westport led to the establishment of the Arts Advisory Committee and the position of town curator (now filled by Kathie Motes Bennewitz.)

Dedicating “Rock Paper Scissors” yesterday (from left): Westport Library director Bill Harmer, town arts curator Kathie Motes Bennewitz, Westport Arts Advisory committee co-chair Nancy Diamond, donors Bill Scheffler and Ann Sheffer, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe. (Photo/Randa Trivisonno)

And one more election-related photo…

Anne Lowrie sent this along. The flag is in her back yard. It struck her as “appropriate for the current times: beat up but still flying.”

(Photo/Anne Lowrie)

The other day my dentist emailed me, requesting confirmation of an upcoming appointment. It prominently noted I’d be charged $50 if I canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

Then — less than 24 hours before my appointment — he emailed again. He had to cancel; his hygienist would not be in the next day.

I assume I’ll get $50 off my next visit. Right?

In early March, “06880” profiled Vivek Kanthan. The 10-year-old Westporter had just launched his (very successful) kart racing career.

A few days later, COVID-19 struck. Suddenly, his spring and summer plans were on hold.

When competition resumed, Vivek was ready. All told this year he competed in 16 races, and reached the podium 12 times.

Next year the young racer moves up a class, and faces even fiercer competition. it begins with 2 national events in Miami. Good luck, Vivek!

Vivek Kanthan, and his trophies.

Sharing a post-Halloween meal on Manitou Road:

(Photo/Francoise Jaffe)

And finally … speaking of dentists:

9 responses to “Roundup: COVID Testing, VOTE!, Dentists, Kart Racing, More

  1. I love that photo of the deer eating the pumpkin post-halloween. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle!

  2. Frannie Southworth

    Very disappointing that a non partisan, pro democracy message to have your voice heard and vote was destroyed! Does that mean the people who destroyed it don’t believe Americans should have the right to vote? If so, they should move to a country with a dictator and they won’t have to vote. In the USA, we vote.

  3. Bill Strittmatter

    Any idea of the timing of the sign destruction?

    From the background, it looks like the sign was on the southeast corner of the bridge. If it was damaged overnight between Monday and Election Day, it could have been the wind as, apparently, it was rather windy overnight with wind from WSW which likely would have kept debris onshore. On the other hand, by midday Election Day, wind was from from north which would have blow debris into water. Really depends on the timing.

    Of course, if there were handprints, most likely the result of vandals.

  4. Kathi Sherman

    Again I pose the question… who is the creator of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”?
    It seems to be a huge mystery.

  5. Joanie Ketley

  6. Ernie Lorimer

    I am worried the Long Lots testing site will be a victim of its own success. If there were cars out onto Long Lots before 7am, that means folks in line then may not be tested before the site closes for the day. We were at that point less than a week ago at 9am.

    I would be interested in hearing if folks were turned away today.

    Also, four days ago our tests were being sent to Raritan NJ instead of Jackson Labs, and the tests didn’t come back for 64 hours; twice as long as three weeks before.

  7. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    I’m so glad that you have reassembled the pieces of your V O T E installation. Might be a bit fractured, but it appears, that it has been Triumphant. Thank you so much for creating such a great piece.