Rock Paper Scissors Coming Downtown. Everyone Wins!

If you thought the giant “Typewriter Eraser” sculpture on Beachside Avenue was cool, you’ll love this news.

An equally large piece is being donated to Westport.

And it’s planned for a much more visible location than a Greens Farms lawn.

“Rock Paper Scissors” monument is a gift from longtime arts philanthropists Ann Sheffer and her husband Bill Scheffler. The 9-foot high artwork will be placed at the top of Jesup Green, near the new path leading down to the river. It will complement nearby sculptures.

Kevin Box’s “Rock Paper Scissors” monument. This is obviously not its location in Westport.

The Board of Selectmen have already reviewed the gift. It goes before the Planning & Zoning Commission on May 14, and then must be accepted by the RTM.

In its application request, the sponsoring Westport Arts Advisory Committee said that sculptor Kevin Box “pushes boundaries of traditional metal casting by creating sculptures that are so delicate, detailed and weightless that they appear to be made simply of paper.”

Combined with the “fortitude of metal,” that results in “whimsical, fun and beautiful pieces with surprising weight, both literally and figuratively.”

Sheffer — a 1966 graduate of Staples High School, who as a 6-term member of the RTM chaired its Library, Museum and Arts Committee — and her Staples classmate Scheffler have long been involved with the town’s arts scene, as well as the Westport Library.

(For more details on the “Rock Paper Scissors Monument,” click here.)

16 responses to “Rock Paper Scissors Coming Downtown. Everyone Wins!

  1. Cheryl McKenna Kritzer

    Every time I boat past the tip of Stony Point I think of her and all she has done for Westport . I miss seeing her around town and truly hope she missed us enough to return one day.
    Thank you again and again Ann and Bill for your generous and beautiful sculpture. I just adore it and so will all the kids at the library 📚

  2. Bill Strittmatter

    Nice piece. However, from a video (linked) of what I assume to be the same piece, it appear that one of the pointed blades of the scissors is free floating and pointing down such that a child jumping off the rock could seriously hurt themselves. I assume the town will inspect the piece to see if it has the same feature as the video as the potential liability to the town could be significant.

    Maybe check with the town’s liability insurance company? Perhaps a fence around the price to keep children off of it if it is the same?

    • Evan Stein

      Maybe a sign that says “do not climb on” and some responsible behavior by parents and people who should know better would be good enough.

      • Cheryl McKenna Kritzerv

        It’s good to be careful and I think our intelligent art council will take that into consideration.
        A fence might just do the trick and keep this in good condition for many many years . We should visualize art not climb it I say and concur with you and Bill !

      • Bill Strittmatter

        That certainly would have been the rule when I was growing up in the 1960’s but seemingly not so much anymore. Too many lawyers. Too little personal responsibility.

        We’ve rewatched MadMen while sheltering at home. The spaceman scene in one of the early episodes was hilarious. They would be arrested for child endangerment theses days.

    • Morley Boyd

      I had the same thought that Bill raised as children crawl all over the nearby (and ill sited) Charities sculpture. On a more contextual note, I wonder if this piece is really what one might expect to see on a traditional New England green.

  3. I’m always amazed and heartened by Ann & Bill’s generosity. I love this sculpture!

    • Cheryl Kritzer

      Ditto Prill such generous spirits and how lucky they chose us once again!!

  4. Sandra Lefkowitz

    What a wonderful addition to the Public Art already in our community and what a great location to inspire us.

  5. Bill Kutik

    Being child-free and having met Ann only once with a Staples classmate, your blog makes we wonder if she met her husband sitting in alphabetical order sometime in school? I’m certain many readers can tell me.

  6. Luisa Francoeur

    What a great looking and fun sculpture. Thank you, Ann and Bill.

  7. Isabelle Breen

    How fun is that!I love it. Perfect place by the child friendly library.
    Come on…who didn’t play rock,paper,scissor.

  8. Arline Gertzoff

    A splendid gesture but think Staples High School would be a better location as a fence could be easily constructed and climbers are not likely .Ann and Bill both graduated from Staples so that would be a super location and very meaningful. Has anyone checked on it’s ability to withstand a Nor’easter ? Grace Solomon Park on Imperial would also be livened up by the whimsical structure and not likely to attract climbers .I like modern art but downtown Westport is hardly the bastion of the style.