Election Day: Long Lines, Excitement And Hand Sanitizer

8,000 Westport voters mailed in or dropped off ballots before Election Day.

But thousands of others did not.

Before dawn today, they lined up at polling places around town.

At Greens Farms Elementary School, the line snaked all the way around the perimeter of the parking lot.

Greens Farms Elementary School this morning … (Photo/Matt Murray)

A man in his 50s who grew up here says, “I have never had to wait a minute to vote at Coleytown El. I got here at 6:11. This line is amazing.” As at Greens Farms, it stretched far into the lot.

,,, and Coleytown Elementary School … (Photo/Dan Donovan)

When the Saugatuck Elementary School doors opened, approximately 200 people were already waiting.

The process was very efficient. A voter who joined the line near the football field was done voting 15 minutes later.

… and Saugatuck Elementary School … (Photo/Chip Stephens)

By 6:15, more than 50 men and women stood outside the Westport Library. By 6:45, they stretched through the police station parking lot, to Jesup Road.

… and the Westport Library.

Inside the library, poll watchers — including several high school students — offered voters hand sanitizer (optional) and gloves (mandatory).

Others checked names, and directed them to (socially distanced) voting stations.

The mood was cheery, and civic-minded.

In many ways, it was an election unlike any Westporters have ever seen.

In others, it was just a bunch of Americans doing what we always do.

9 responses to “Election Day: Long Lines, Excitement And Hand Sanitizer

  1. 100,000,000 voted before November 3rd. I predict 57% voted for Dan Woog by writing him in!

  2. All those voting for Trump should go to the polls tomorrow, Wednesday, if they truly want to “Make America Great Again”.

    • James Waldron

      Was this comment even necessary? It’s great to see the lines, the involvement, the commitment, regardless of choice.

    • Julie O'Grady

      As much as i despise the man, this is un-American and could be considered voter fruad. I know this was in jest but, not really funny.

  3. Wow! So proud of the folks in this town, but glad I voted Absentee!

  4. Went at 9:15 to Saugatuck Elementary. No lines, in and out in minutes.

  5. Donald Bergmann

    As a Republican or Democrat in CT. our votes have little meaning in that it is not the total number of votes cast for a candidate that determines the outcome, rather it is which candidate prevails in the “swing states”. The Electoral College approach troubles me greatly. Let us hope we do not have a repeat of 2016, namely the candidate with the most votes nationally did not prevail.
    Don Bergmann

  6. Went to the library a little after 10. No line. In and out in minutes–even with taking the time to thank the poll workers

  7. Julie O'Grady

    2pm at library. Absolutely no line at all. In and out in 5 minutes