Roundup: Kings Highway Bridge, Farmers’ Market, Shark!, More

It’s the project that never ends.

The Kings Highway North Bridge — the one at the light near Canal Street, near several medical office buildings — has been under construction since (it seems) the Truman administration.

Work may last through the Sasha Obama (or Barron Trump) administration.

But it’s important work. The bridge was in dire need of repair or replacement. School buses could no longer legally cross, because of its deteriorated condition.

Last winter, the P&Z explored many options to speed up the process. However, as chair Danielle Dobin notes on Westport Front Porch, work will continue through this winter.

The Frontier telephone lines that go under the sidewalk are being relocated now. Crews will then finish the sheeting, build the footings, set the precast bridge sections, and build the parapet walls (which are designed to evoke the historic design of the old bridge).

If this winter is warm, work could be completed by April or May. Otherwise, it will likely continue through May or June.

Large stones in the abutments beneath the Kings Highway North Bridge may be remnants of a much earlier bridge. (Photo: Wendy Crowther)

Saturday’s Westport Library “Show of Shows” was wonderful. The hour-long program featured tons of local personalities in comedy sketches, humorous shout-outs and musical numbers.

David Pogue MCed the event, and Andrew Wilk produced and directed. It ended with 2 powerful moments: a stirring video created by teens through the library’s media program, and the Staples Orphenians singing “Imagine.”

If you missed the show — or want to see it again — click here.

Who’s that guy stealing wine from 1st Selectman Jim Marpe’s cellar? Find out by watching the Westport Library’s “Show of Shows.”

Wakeman Town Farm’s upcoming offerings are intriguing. Among them: a Little Farmers Parent/Child class, and an Election Day Camp for kids ages 8-12.

Click here to register (search for “WTF”) for programs. Problems? Call 203-341-5152 or email

WTF’s holiday pie fundraiser kicks off next week too. To get on the email list for notification, cilck here.

Sighted recently at Compo Beach: a baby shark.

But not in the Sound. This one was displayed on a South Beach picnic table, far from shore.

I’m not sure how it got there. But it sure got my attention.

(Photo/Matthew Levine)

Drivers stopped at the Playhouse Square traffic light often delight in the whimsical, ever-changing costumes worn by the animal sculptures on the Post Road lawn.

This Halloween, the creatures have been joined by a slew of skeletons. Despite COVID, looks like the animal hospital staff are up to their old tricks.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

And finally … Mahalia Jackson was born 109 years ago yesterday. The Queen of Gospel died just 60 years later. But she left a remarkable legacy.

7 responses to “Roundup: Kings Highway Bridge, Farmers’ Market, Shark!, More

  1. Hi Dan – the shark is not a baby, but a full-sized sand shark also known as a dogfish. Totally harmless and quite delicious (when freshly caught)

    • Wow — good to know. I need to get to the Maritime Aquarium more!

      • Mathew Levine snapped the poor sand shark! Wondering what day this was? ~Did you also know, a free diver friend of mine came face to face with a SandBar Shark 2x right off the Jetty by the cannons this season! They do have teeth, and lots of them, and are 6-8 feet long. They are unlike the Bull Sharks though, the ones we hear about on the other side of Long Island that are mean, nasty, and aggressive. The Sand Bar Sharks will only try to eat you if they think you are food, as in if they see a flipper -they might think it’s a fish tail. It still scared me a little knowing they were so close!

  2. John McCarthy

    Is the dead sand shark a new way to reserve a table?

  3. Mary Schmerker

    With out listening my best guess is that the Wine Stealer is a Westport resident well known for his journalism skills and ability to keep 06880 residents and expats up to date on all things Westport. To protect the innocent I will not name that person here.

  4. Woogbone photobombing………the best