Roundup: Signs, Art Sale, More

A reader writes:

“Our ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign was stolen from our front yard. We paid for it; it was up for weeks, and we live on a side street.

“I am stunned, having grown up in this town. We disagreed, we debated, but we didn’t do warfare with political signs.

“The sign was on our property. How is this not an invasion of my property? How is it not the bullying or pummeling in the name of what you don’t like or believe?

“Black lives matter. They still matter, even when you steal signs.”

Speaking of political signs: An Old Hill resident offers this warning to a possible thief:

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

The Artists Collective of Westport sponsors an outdoor trunk show of “affordable art” this Saturday (October 17, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Westport Playhouse parking lot).

Artists will display their works from in and around their cars. All COVID restrictions will be followed. But, the Collective says, “we can’t mask our excitement!”

Lindsey Blaivas spotted this house on Long Lots Road. “Instead of hauling away this magnificent tree that fell during one of our many storms, they landscaped around it,” she writes.

“It is a piece of art — and a tribute to the magical gifts that nature sometimes leaves us.”

(Photo/Lindsey Blaivas)

Like many venues, Longshore has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

Yesterday, however, Bruce McFadden spotted a ceremony taking place. It was not big — and there seemed to be plenty of space between guests and tables. Still, it was a nice reminder of a bit of normalcy.

(Photo/Bruce McFadden)

And finally … on Columbus Day, let’s honor the people who knew this land long before the Europeans “discovered” it. Songwriter/saxophonist Jim Pepper adapted “Witchi Tai To” from an ancient chant he learned from his Native American grandfather. It is still the only song in the history of Billboard’s pop chart to feature a Native American chant.

14 responses to “Roundup: Signs, Art Sale, More

  1. Chip Stephens

    Lets not make this a Racist, Political or any type of finger pointing issue. Sign stealing, destruction or alteration is unacceptable and sucks in a civil and intelligent community. It is wrong and it involves both sides on any issue the sign calls out for. I have lost over 50 signs to theft and cars running down destroying mine. I know that other candidates have experienced the same to some extent and many times we reset each others signs as a token of doing better.
    It is the nature of the demented beast and all we can do is replace our message especially in these times of COVID where handshaking and face to face is not a option.

  2. Jonathan Berg

    Agree – I never understood the point of the signs, never mind committing a crime by stealing one. But kudos to the strategic sense & commitment of the $100 donation person.

  3. I love the donation idea, “if you tear down my sign I’ll give $100”. I’m not in the position to do that, but I assure you I’m writing MORE LETTERS TO VOTERS, giving targeted money to defeat SENATORS; I HAVE VOTED and I’m encouraging others to vote. We have replaced our BLM sign with a bigger, stronger one. Implicit in its return to our Westport yard: Black Lives Matter; they Still Matter even when you STEAL our sign. If you want to talk about this issue please knock, wear a mask, and I will listen respectfully to why my freedom of Speech threatens YOU. MOST CRITICALLY WHY THIS PHRASE THREATENS YOU. I will NOT STAND BY, WATCHING POLICE KILL BLACK PEOPLE WITH IMPUNITY. Millions of Americans feel the same way–all races, all ages! I want Choke Holds Barred. I want what is engraved on OUR SUPREME COURT: Equal Justice Under Law. For all of us. What is threatening to YOU about that belief?

  4. Celeste Champagne

    Dan Woog, your musical selections are the best (for the most part:-)

  5. Roseann Spengler

    Love the photos that went with the Jim Pepper music. Wonderful celebration of this land. Very nice Dan. Thank you.

  6. Bill Strittmatter

    Not sure I’d put out a reward for anyone to steal a sign irrespective of party. It’s a moral hazard thing. In this case, it might trigger Biden supporters to “fundraise” by “stealing” the sign. Or even Trump supporters just to get you to pay up knowing it won’t really make a difference to the Biden campaign.

  7. Ellen C Greenberg

    Come and Get your Love by Redbone live 1974 The Midnight Special. Starts with American Indians in tribal gear dancing and chanting. Apparently the tribal intro didn’t make the recording.

  8. Ciara webster

    Columbus was a European !

  9. Ciara webster

    Thankfully no matter what happens we in this blue state won’t have to hang our heads in shame !

  10. Agreed. Theft and destruction of signs are not acceptable. I had 15 of my Trump campaign signs stolen or damaged throughout the course of 2016 and in the past year.

  11. You really took me back with the Brewer and Shipley video! Loved those guys and lest we forget, One Toke Over The Line.