Roundup: Flowers, Food, Farm, More

It doesn’t get more neighborly than this.

In the middle of Greens Farms, on Prospect Road, Melissa and John Ceriale spent 20 years creating an 8-acre oasis. Gardens, trees, bushes and walking paths fill their property.

“Prospect Gardens” is one of the most beautiful spots in town. Most of us admire it — but only from the road.

Yesterday the couple invited all their neighbors over. Most came — including First Selectman Jim Marpe and his wife Mary Ellen.

Treats included apples from the orchard, cider and donuts. Every kid took a pumpkin home.

There was an observation bee hive, and honey tasting.

David Brant of the Aspetuck Land Trust spoke with Greens Farms residents about their Green Corridor project.

Debra Kandrak pitched her daffodil planting plan.

It was a socially distanced, supremely relaxing afternoon. Many neighbors said they’d driven, walked or run by the property for years. Now they know what’s happening behind the fence.

This spring, the Ceriales will add more beauty to their land. Owners of an adjacent house are moving. The Ceriales bought the property, and will take it down.

The former owners’ daughter and her husband were there today. They planted a patch of daffodils, to bloom long after their home is gone.

Neighborhood kids enjoy apples by the Prospect Road gardens.

The “best Mediterranean cuisine” is coming to Westport.

At least, that’s what the sign says at the former Matsu Sushi, across from Jesup Green.

I’m not sure if the name of the new place is “Restaurant Apply Now,” or that’s just the email address. Details to follow.

(Photo/Sal Liccione)

The other day, a house was demolished on Compo Parkway:

However, it’s not just any house. A neighbor thinks it was the original barn for the onion fields on the street, back in the farming days.

At any rate, it’s now just one more Westport memory:

(Photos/Tracy Porosoff)

When Q104.3’s iHeartDaily blog interviewed Nile Rogers, the headline was: “Why He’s Writing More Than Ever.”

It’s an interesting look at the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. And it includes his description of writing collaboratively with a partner in Los Angeles, while Nile is “basically living inside a box” in Westport.

Click here for those insights — and much more. (Hat tip: Johanna Rossi)

Nile Rodgers

More music news:

Daniel Tashian — the Nashville-based, Grammy-winning producer/songwriter/ musician, and son of Staples High School graduates Barry (who played with The Remains, Flying Burrito Brothers and Emmy Lou Harris) and Holly Tashian (a country star with Barry as a duo) — has a new, intriguing collaboration.

Daniel is working with Burt Bacharach. Yes, he’s still writing and performing, at 92 years old. They recently released a number of songs under the name “Blue Umbrella.” Click the YouTube video below, and enjoy. (Hat tip: Jim Honeycutt)


And finally … Cardi B turns 28 today. I like it!

7 responses to “Roundup: Flowers, Food, Farm, More

  1. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    I wonder if the house on Compo Parkway was the Robbins’ house in the 50s and 60s. My reference would have been Kathy Robbins who I think was one year behind me in the Staples.class of 1966.

  2. If Daniel is 92 years old, I can’t imagine how old Burt Bacharach is. 🙂

  3. Bevi and George Bullwinkel

    Our family lived in the 5 Compo Parkway onion barn/house from 1988-98 — a beautiful, warm home with original beams and wide board floors. What a shame to see it destroyed but, we guess, no worse than the 1800’s renovated cow barn atop Minute Man Hill that we owned in the 1970’s and which was bought a few years after we left by a neighbor and leveled because he didn’t like the looks of it. The absurdity of the very high prices paid for both properties for the sake of demolition is overshadowed by the loss of two wonderful historic structures. The memories of our happy years in each home are irreplaceable.

  4. Are you related to Clarence Bullwinkel, the inspiration for Bullwinkle J Moose?

  5. George Bullwinkel

    No doubt related somewhere in the family tree but no royalties forthcoming.