Photo Challenge #302

Last week’s futuristic-looking photo actually showed part of the Kings Highway Elementary School playground. Elaine Marino, Andrew Colabella and Seth Schachter all knew exactly where that was.

But a second part of the challenge was to identify a sequence of numbers on the equipment: 23, 19, 17, 13, 11, 7, 5, 2. (Click here for the photo.)

Elaine, Andrew, Lynn Philip and James Weisz nailed it: They are all prime numbers.

I learned something. 2 is included — the only even prime number — because it is (duh) divisible only by 1 and itself.

Meanwhile, “who” can identify this week’s Photo Challenge? Click comments below.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

6 responses to “Photo Challenge #302

  1. Earthplace?

  2. Jennifer Piseck

    I think it’s at Earthplace

  3. Earthplace.

  4. Barbara McGrath


    this looks like the owl i sold this summer on an on-line auction. it is by a local artist and sculptor..john boulton.

  5. Leonard Schine Preserve off Weston Road?

  6. Yes, it is Earthplace!