Photo Challenge #301

Last week’s Photo Challenge was fun.

For decades, Howard Munce’s whimsical “star sculpture” has entertained downtown shoppers, strollers and picnickers — yes, they exist — on the eastern bank of the Saugatuck River. (Click here to see.)

It’s part of the Parker Harding Plaza sidewalk, near the footbridge over the marsh. It’s not far from Rye Ridge Deli — Oscar’s, when the sculpture was created — so the picnic table nearby is welcome.

Stephanie Ehrman, Seth Schachter, Pat Saviano, Elaine Marino, Joan Nevin, Amy Schneider, Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Tammy Barry all recognized the artwork with ease.

This week’s Photo Challenge is fun too — and probably tougher. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

And if you know what the numbers represent, let me know. I have no idea!

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #301

  1. Believe the numbers are all prime numbers

  2. Stephanie Ehrman

    Is this part of greens farms Elementry school play ground?

  3. Elaine Marino

    Kings Highway School playground. As Lynn, said, the numbers are prime numbers.

  4. Andrew Colabella

    KHS, prime numbers only divisible by themselves and one.

  5. Don’t know where this is a school playground I would guess but the numbers are all prime numbers

  6. Seth Schachter

    Kings highway elementary

  7. Correct, Elaine, Andrew and Seth: This is the Kings Highway Elementary School playground.

  8. Bill Strittmatter

    Sorry Dan, but two is a prime number (divisible only by itself or 1) though it is the only even one and the reason no other even number is a prime as they are all divisible by 2.

  9. Peter Dunham

    And what about the rest of the panel? Are those letters? Looks like something sent out on the Voyager to intrigue aliens.