Photo Challenge #300

It’s impossible to miss: Heading toward Fairfield on the Post Road, the side of the 5 Guys building comes into view, just past the old IHOP/now a nail salon opposite the fire station.

But only one reader — Seth Braunstein — knew that last week’s Photo Challenge of a grungy, peeling wall was the same 5 Guys sight.

Click here to see. And you’ll agree that whoever owns the building should immediately send 5 guys — or however many it takes — to clean up that eyesore.

Today’s Photo Challenge is much prettier. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #300

  1. Stephanie Ehrman

    On the starfish in Parker Harding parking lot behind rye ridge deli on the water

  2. The wall at longshore pool

  3. I think Parker Harding Lot- by boardwalk

  4. Part of the painting on one of the stars in Parker Harding Plaza. I believe the artist was Howard Munce.

  5. On the starfish sculpture on the boardwalk in Parker Harding Plaza.

  6. My favorite Star sculpture by the saugatuck behind Oscars, er, Rye Ridge deli!

  7. Star near Parker Harding Plaza along the Saugatuck River. I had a photo challenge similar to this in the past.

  8. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Howard Munce’s beautiful star by the east bank of the Saugatuck. A treasure.💗

  9. On the rock behind Main Streets parking, along the banks of the river!! Such a great rock!!!

  10. Yes, it is the starfish sculpture on the Parker Harding boardwalk — behind what was Oscar’s, and is now Rye Ridge Deli. Howard Munce created it, to the longtime delight of many.