Threatening Messages Posted Downtown

From a distance, they look benign:

But those flyers on Pink Sumo’s wall do not promote an upcoming concert or fundraiser.

They promote hatred and violence.

Similar messages were posted nearby on Church Lane:

(Photos/Marcy Sansolo)

The work of Westporters? Out-of-towners?

Scare tactics? A sick “joke”?

No one yet knows. Police have been notified. They will do their usual professional job to find out what’s going on.

And to keep our town safe.

94 responses to “Threatening Messages Posted Downtown

  1. I hope the police check for fingerprints, and review business cameras in the area. Also, a nice hefty reward could out those involved.

    • This is hate mongering no more no less. No fingers need pointed, no unknown person or group should be given the attention.
      We know our town is better than this.
      I know Westport Cares and the majority of us respect and are grateful for Chief Fodi and our police.
      Loose the hate, whom ever did this needs help and love, not the hateful attention of us blindly blaming each other.
      Westport we are much better at heart and smarter than haters

      • It’s obviously fake, & no one brought up our fine Westport Police but you

        • I don’t know Jon? “ the sign says “only good cop is a dead cop!” You must review the photos again a little more closely….

          • eh. sort of. not really. one mentions westport, another cops generally. generic and fake and completely non-specific. but i do understand your point.

  2. Looks pretty Racist and Hatefull to me. Is this a “Health” issue also?

  3. Michael Mossman

    Gee, I wonder who could have posted that.
    Let’s speculate…
    The coming Antifa hordes…hmm.
    BLM socialists coming for the family yacht.
    George Soros dresses in ninja garb….

    Or maybe an angry, frightened little person afraid that this administration has lost the support of the suburbs and has made a feeble attempt to scare… well really, who in this fine town of Westport is really going to be afraid? Yes, let’s hope the professionals can find the culprit and get them the help they need.

    • Mark L. Yurkiw

      “get them the help they need” -correct Mr. Mossman!
      Mental Illness is the most under diagnosed health problem we have because of its stigma. What needs to be recognized is that it’s often as ubiquitous as the common cold or as life threatening at cancer and everything in between. Even many physical health issues are a consequence of the underlying mental health issue. When will we we learn? We are all the same living the same lives. I’d postulate that most people act on what they fear instead of what they want- to be happy.

  4. Catherine Walsh

    Interesting. I can t wait to see who shows up on those cameras which are everywhere. No sweeping this one under the rug. Arrest them no matter who they are or how old they are.

  5. White agitators. I’d bet my life on it.

    • I might put the stakes slightly lower than my life… but I’m betting that too. The radical right thinks everything they don’t like is a false flag operation, so they actually know a lot about faking it.

  6. Colleen Rumsey

    This is truly awful, and not the Westport I know and love. When we figure out the people who posted these signs, how will we help them?

  7. This is very sad and very scary! There is so much hate going around- from big cities to small towns. I hope the police will find the person (s) who did this! With all the security cameras in town, I would think it would be be on tape.

  8. While I suppose the amateurish posters deserve being looked into, I would think it will merely turn out to be high school age kids being more mischievous than typical on a scary topic.

    All-in-all not an issue of grave concern.

    • Kathryn Sirico

      Are u serious??? Posting about killing the leader of our country or anyone and taking a stand against “whites” or any human being are just school kids? If so, those children need immediate help. Get those insane postings down and look at every camera in the area. Very very disturbing.

    • Carmine Picarello

      I agree totally Joey, I don’t think they realize the implications.

  9. I was trying to make out the “symbol” on the sheets, which looks like a hammer & sickle and an arrow, maybe? A window popped up that said “antifa-3.jpg” Another crackpot trying to make trouble. Remember the kook from 2016 who was driving around town in a truck with large signs containing threatening rhetoric about Clinton? We were having lunch outside, minding our own business and he started verbally harassing us. I am so ready for 2021.

  10. Dan, I think the symbol is that of North Korea.

    Wonder what Kim Jong-un has against Westport…

  11. Historic accounts (and present events) are so interesting! They are written by the victors and victims, revised by those with agendas and biases, highlighted and skewed by the media and repeated by those who have a point of view that lacks context.These people who think they have the right to kill Trump and fight the white are actually some of the worst victims here, but they might not realize it until it’s too late and they’ve ruined their lives. They are not understanding that you can’t paint with a broad brush or judge anybody! Westport is filled with wonderful people…and guess what? We are all descended from the same black people who lived in Africa. Does everyone not know this?? We are all brothers and sisters ..let’s start acting like it. I would also suggest watching the new documentary “The Social Dilemma” currently on Netflix. Can answer the question “how can they believe that?”

  12. These people are cowards, hide behind stupidity and ignorance. We have a great town, lets not let outsider thugs affect the peaceful and great reputation we have that includes all political parties that get along and have right to disagree and a police force that respects and works hard for everybody. These animals are just trying to stir people up, pull it down and ignore, and dont give them the satisfaction.

    • “Thugs” , “Animals”….really?

      • Anybody that posts that kind of hate and animosity, are thugs and anImals, no disrespect to non-human animals and because there is a nation wide assault on all cops does not mean we allow it to happen here with the awesome 60 or so police that protect this town respectfully and always professionally

        • John D. McCarthy

          If I was writing a purportedly “can’t we all get along” post as you apparently were attempting, I would not have used such charged language as “thugs” and “animals.” Certainly, there are other words which would allow you to display your pro-police bonafides without going down that road.

          • Other words would be far worse, this hate has no place here. Anybody insinuating they want to inflict what the sign says is a criminal, thug, belongs in either jail, siberia, or a mental institution, anybody that denies they are either criminals or people with deep mental health issues, can go with him. But lets not sugarcoat this crime, these people, while u likely locals, know just what they are saying and doing.

      • Call them what they are…

  13. Hate should never be tolerated- whether it’s a teenage prank or by “kooks.” By now I would hope people know that they can be charged with a hate crime. Teenage pranksters no longer get a slap on the wrist. Btw- when I said this was scary, I meant socially terrifying that our county as come yo this, and worse.

    • While these comments are hateful, the only illegal part here is the fact they’re being put up on private property. “hate speech” is still free speech and these idiots can still put up their crap if they’d like – it shows what kind of people they really are.

      • Actually I’m wrong here… the incitement of violence is not included under free speech. However the banning of speech that does not directly incite violence is a slippery slope.

  14. These messages are indeed very disturbing. Regardless of your political, social views, promoting violence is not the way forward. As citizens of Westport, we need to practice respect and civility toward our residents and visitors. Our wonderful WPD needs our support as well.

    • Ellen Lautenberg

      Well said. We need to support our Westport Police department as well as each other. We need to stick together against hateful rhetoric regardless of who it comes from and who it’s directed towards.

  15. I can not believe some of these replies. Political debate aside, it’s ok to have different views and agree not to disagree the country was founded on that belief.

    We have a real problem if we all can not agree on the following:

    We need to support the police they are the glue that serves and protects us.
    Who ever posted these signs is sick and is trying to divide our community. If you want to call them thugs, mentally ill, demons so be it. It’s wrong and needs to be condemned.

    Political correctness should not be applied to those who are embracing the posters in any fashion. The posters are wrong and those that put them up should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when caught.

  16. I wonder how Will Haskell feels about co-sponsoring and I wonder how Jonathan Steinberg feels about voting for the Police Accountability Act, a bill that makes it harder for the police to do their jobs now? Vote for Kim Healy, the daughter of a policeman, and Chip Stephens, a person who makes decisions on facts, not what is trending on Twitter

    • Seriously? Is this the best you’ve got?

      • Robert Moorman

        You have got to read the bill. It is a bureaucratic mess of task forces, civilian review boards and a new Inspector General focused only on the police. It runs for 71 pages and never uses the word criminal it use “justice impacted person” which is language right out of Berkley, CA. I, for one, do not want CT to become CA. Speaking of language, the flyers are exactly the same language that is being used in Portland, Seattle, Rochester, etc. One of my favorites from the new bill is this: .
        “1057  Sec. 21. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2020) (a) (1) No law enforcement
        . 1058  official may ask an operator of a motor vehicle to conduct a search of a
        . 1059  motor vehicle or the contents of the motor vehicle that is stopped by a
        . 1060  law enforcement official solely for a motor vehicle violation.
        . 1061  (2) Any search by a law enforcement official of a motor vehicle or the
        . 1062  contents of the motor vehicle that is stopped by a law enforcement
        . 1063  official solely for a motor vehicle violation shall be (A) based on
        . 1064  probable cause, or (B) after having received the unsolicited consent to
        . 1065  such search from the operator of the motor vehicle in written form or
        . 1066  recorded by body-worn recording equipment or a dashboard camera,”
        BTW, Police intuition is not probable cause. I find the bill disresptful of our police, particularly our Westport police.

        • Wesley Malowitz

          Actually, the language is right out of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution which protects against unlawful search and seizures and makes arbitrary searches of one’s vehicle in a routine traffic stop illegal. The police cannot search your vehicle in a routine traffic stop unless there is 1) probably cause that there is evidence of a crime in your vehicle; 2) a reasonable belief the search is required for their own protection; 3) the search is incident to an actual arrest; 4) they have a search warrant; or 5) you have given the officer consent.
          The issue is that most people do not know that they do not have to give consent and the police officer is under no obligation to explain that consent does not have to be given. Moreover, the disparity in power between an officer and an individually citizen may create a level of “coercion” where some, especially non-white individuals, feel they have no choice but to consent to a search. This legislation simply codifies what the law already is and prevents against potential abuses, intended or unintended, by police. Incidentally, the beauty of the US Constitution is that it applies equally in Berkley, California, Westport, Connecticut or Mobile, Alabama and protects the rights of all individuals, even those that may not recognize the importance of having those rights protected.

    • Exactly… Haskell and the democrats act on feelings not logic. Our law enforcement needs more support, not less.

      • Excuse me the democratic senate members understand this bill perfectly well.. what is wrong with you.
        Ohhh you are a trumper

    • Robert, I actually reached out to Jonathan Steinberg about a similar issue and his response was to incite hatred and rude comments toward me as a response rather than any type of concern. He actually made me feel very uncomfortable and I found him to be pompous and arrogant. I reached out to other state reps from surrounding towns and they were in complete shock.

  17. This has to be a “false flag” attack – and a completely amateurish one at that.

    an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator (often used attributively):
    Evidence suggests that the covert operation was a false flag.
    The false flag terrorist attack lured the military into a hasty response.”

  18. Peter Gambaccini

    Does anyone actually believe an actual Trump hater put up these signs? Really?

  19. Oh please. The ONLY place people like this exist is in the fevered mind of Trump & his supporters, so that’s obviously who did it. Why give them the publicity they’re asking for, unless it’s to mock them? Just laugh at them and throw it away.

    • Not like Antifa is the one burning down our cities, spreading marxist revolution and dividing our country… I don’t see Trump supporters destroying local businesses. You know your comment is completely intellectually dishonest, Antifa and the radical left and far more intolerant than any other group in this country.

      • every word of that is untrue. turn off cable news and step outside now and then.

      • No

      • Michael Pettee

        Not at all true – Evidence has indeed shown Trump supporters as instigators of violence at otherwise peaceful protests and working hard to turn them violent. Just one specific example, and there are others: Here in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the first ignition point during the first peaceful protest against following the George Floyd murder were by “Umbrella Man.” This was an unusually dressed man carrying an open umbrella and wearing a long trench coat (it was warm and there was no rain) who was seen on video smashing windows of commercial store fronts during a protest and tagging the adjacent walls. Mayhem followed and this was the start of much devastation here. Early published accounts pegged the man as a former Minneapolis-SaintPaul cop. About a month later, “Umbrella Man’s” name was finally released and he was correctly identified as member of a Trump-supporting white supremacist group.

  20. I guess we will never know. Under Ct police reform bill our police are no longer able to search a vehicle they stop. They have to be invited to search. I guess we will learn how that works out. BTW, if you find strangers on your property, doing whatever, and call the police You can be charged.

    Anyone can now announce that they are just admiring your property. Years ago I , an elderly woman, called the police when intruders came onto our property late at night . No police came. When they came through my gate I called again and the police came. It was scary as I was all alone. When I asked why they did not come earlier the Westport Police explained that no longer could they arrest unless they came through my home or gate. They could only issue a trespass fine. I asked if the criminals knew this. The Officer laughed and said Yes….

    No easy solutions but it does seem like the police should be able to use common sense to serve and protect…..

    • Common sense has walked right out the door in CT. The only way CT will ever have a comeback is if these Dem leaders are voted out. It’s funny because they want to make our police weaker which hurts the average citizen & emboldens criminals. Then they also want to restrict your ability to own and maintain firearms for self defense, further emboldening criminals. My suggestion if you purchase a firearm – firearm sales are skyrocketing across the U.S., I wonder why… Maybe because citizens realize their politicians are no longer interested in protecting them but more interested in furthering the rhetoric and policies of the radical left.

  21. Dick Lowenstein

    The “Russians” are coming, or maybe they have come, to spread dissension among us.

  22. We seem well able to do this all by ourselves. Just So Unnecessary and Disrespectful.

  23. Lawrence Zlatkin

    While the insane and inane posters are bad enough, the comments to them highlight how far our country has fallen and how are a shadow of what we were and are capable of. For all of our power, we are no longer the leaders of the free world but a disunited and fragmented laughing stock of the world.

  24. David A. Cleveland


  25. Why don’t any of you see, or acknowledge, this is how you and Westport are viewed? You whine about parking scofflaws and yet turn your backs to the blatant economic inequalities you’re sure to maintain behind your message board.

  26. Ugly stuff, but it feels like the outburst of an angry white Staples kid.

  27. Are you people serious? It takes a simple google search to find out that the phrase “fight the white” isn’t a real slogan, and that the symbol on each sign is of North Korea’s workers’ party. Black people don’t even live in North Korea, and you all are actually taking these signs at face value? Not even actual communists use that symbol. Whoever put up the signs clearly accomplished their goal, as they have tapped into the white angst of this town. The comments calling the culprit a “thug”, and immediately assuming they are from out of town? You aren’t slick. The messages on the signs saying “kill trump” as if he’s the root of all racial injustice? It’s so obvious that these signs were created by right wing white agitators with the intention of blaming black people and the fact that there are several grown adults on here not even able to make a simple google search is pathetic. Keep the racist dogwhistles to yourself, and maybe do some research too:

    • Peter Gambaccini

      mblankfein is entirely correct. Okay, what’s next?

    • Jonathan Berg… 👍🏼🎯👍🏼

    • Peter Gambaccini, MBlankfein and JustWarren, I completely agree this is a pathetic, ‘false flag’ attempt to sow fear, chaos and discord; don’t let it.

    • Michael,

      I agree with your comment and sentiment, except for where you state, “It’s so obvious that these signs were created by right wing right agitators with the intention of blaming black people…” We don’t know with any specificity who did this – except for the fact that the perpetrator(s) hung signs made of 8 1/2″ x 11″ printer paper outside on a brick wall and on a parking sign. In my view, it seems amateurish – a prank by teens, perhaps? We just don’t know.

      If someone really wanted to instill fear, wouldn’t they have made signs that were more durable?

  28. An interesting range of comments here. Some a bit far afield, others not so much. My feeling is that it’s the work of white supremacists (using “psychology”) or just a confused kid trying to drum up some hate, fear or attention. Not buying it. These messages are along the lines of the mythical radical left who wants to kill the fine upstanding regular white people. So much nonsense. I’m neither angry nor afraid. Let the police do their job and move along with your day.

  29. saw this today. very scary!


  30. Clearly, a completely lame attempt at a prank by kids or an attempt at a false flag meant to stir up the crazies.

    From a lot of the comments, I’d say it was successful.

    In the meantime…
    ‘I’ll come back and kill you’: Pro-Trump Westport man arrested for threatening volunteer at Fairfield Democratic headquarters; Republicans and Democrats call for civility

  31. Marc Sandy Block

    1. In instances like this, I usually look at “who benefits?” So, I agree with those who say this is likely a “false flag.” The obvious intent is to drum up suburban white votes for right-wing candidates. It will be interesting if the authorities identify the people posting the signs (and perhaps even those charged with looting and rioting elsewhere). As an aside, I just received a scare message from the President looking for racist support and donations apparently in my suburb. I miss the decency and honor and wisdom of John McCain.

    2. Nicely done, Bob and Graham, in shifting attention to a talking point, the Police Accountability Law (PAL). An interesting talk show technique. So, let’s do it. Yes, we all want and need to trust our law enforcement folks. When there’s a violent crime, we RELY on our police officers. (For the posters, we should all want to know who do it.) That said, we have seen in news, cruiser-cams, body cams, and citizens’ cams problematic police situations. Ergo, PAL. PAL is not perfect but addresses a lot of key issues.

    Sure, some wrinkles. I would have preferred a more precise term than “undermining public confidence” as a ground for officer decertification, however that provision is softened by a tough “clear and convincing evidence” standard and by examples being provided as guidance. Second, some intervention and reporting requirements for officers (when witnessing excessive force by fellow officers) may need to be tweaked over time.

    But there are a slew of improvements that seem “logical” and not “emotional.” First, social worker professionals to work alone or with police in certain instances (like domestic and mental health situations). I suspect the police might appreciate getting off the frontline in those cases and the citizens would be better off as well. There may be efforts like that already, but PAL will clarify. Second, providing statewide uniformity in handling crowd management. Makes sense to me, if not already being done. Third, if an officer is decertified (for improper excessive or deadly force, for example), s/he is precluded from police/security service elsewhere. Fourth, deaths while in custody are to be investigated by the Medical Examiner. Fifth, police officers to have mental health check every 5 years. Being a police officer is tough — a periodic MH check can be helpful. Sixth, traffic stops are a sore point from a bias perspective. I recently saw a (non-Connecticut) video in which a squad car pulled over a black couple because the officers thought the couple was arguing/fighting in the car. The couple said they were fine. The situation escalated. The PAL law might help address such instances. Seventh, PAL addresses when excessive force and chokeholds can be used, apparently arising from recent events. Over time, PAL here will likely be tweaked to optimize police effectiveness while recognizing citizens’ rights. Finally, yea, THERE ARE A LOT OF ACRONYMS in PAL but they seem to reflect where the investigators come from and who reviews their aptness. Seems aimed at public confidence.

    Overall, PAL has many good provisions though, in my view, there is room for improvement as we see how it works out over time.
    3. Regarding Will Haskell, as a constituent, I have found him very responsive, accessible, and open to others’ ideas and suggestions. He is on top of things, as reflected by his frequent COVID updates on open constituent phonecalls, his informative reports during the power outage in which he noted efforts and advocacy by him and colleagues to press the utility, and mailings on positions he has taken and laws that have been acted on. As a senior, I appreciate his legislative efforts affecting me and my wallet. Last week, I was at a flag retirement ceremony at an American Legion post and State Senator Haskell arrived (with mask but without fanfare) just to be there. I have looked at Mrs. Healey’s website and articles. I plan to vote to re-elect State Senator Haskell.

  32. I just wish Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Haskel took the time before voting on this rushed DEMOCRATIC STATE PARTY POLITICAL legislation to talk to our Police Chief and the men and women who make up our police department. I spent 2 hours last week in the Westport Police Detective Bureau, our police ARE NOT HAPPY that those supposedly elected to REPRESENT WESTPORT took a different road. OUR POLICE ARE PART OF WHAT REPRESENTATIVES SHOULD REPRESENT.
    Interesting stuff I learned as of last week gun permit applications have almost DOUBLED since 2019!!!
    Good News! Your residents are responsible gun owners. The problem is the guns moving across state lines!! Guess who illegal guns are found???? Yes, suspicious traffic stops!!!!
    Fact Checks are important. Police moral and the ability to do a job to protect and serve is important.
    Westport Police adhere to extremely high standards of testing and internal oversight. I know this, because I HAVE TAKEN THE TIME to take the Westport Citizens Police Academy. I have TAKEN THE TIME to LISTEN to our LEADERSHIP at the WESTPORT PD… YES WE HAVE REAL LEADERSHIP THERE, and REAL ADULT LEADERSHIP AT TOWN HALL in Jim Marpe.
    When you see Chief Koskinas or Jim Marpe or a better yet a local police officer, many of you claim to support, ask them about the Police Accountability legislation. If you were an officer of the law wouldn’t you want your Representative to represent you and your town on such an important issue?
    The only way Hartford will change is if you change the fannies in the seats. Ask yourself before sending that ballot in, or going to the polls- Is my community, and interests of the residents being represented in Hartford?
    I was, and still am very disappointed in Jonathan and Will for not digging deeper locally on this issues. No, it’s not easy being a Representative, criticism is part of the territory.
    Criticism will continue as long as our representatives continue to put the interest of the Hartford Democratic Machine first, and those of Westport second. How about Westport First for once????

    • Respectfullly, Jimmy, Westport Police – like anyone else who collects a paycheck from Westport taxpayers – get paid to do a job. RTM doesn’t represent employees, it represents residents. The suggestion otherwise is factually wrong.

      Police oppose police accountability legislation for the same reasons that businesses oppose regulation – they want to “self-police” and not be held accountable by outsiders for their actions. They want to act in their own best interest – not simply in the best interests of those who they are paid to serve.

      I think Westport’s officers do a great job – but that doesn’t mean that the State should not address larger concerns.

      (One could almost think that the signs were placed by those looking to stir up those who would oppose police accountability legislation, given how those folks are trying to hijack this topic.)

      • Really Chris? Those who oppose a ONE SIDED DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATION, That had ZERO input from our POLICE CHiEF? Hijacking conversation and putting up signs like these? Bold accusation!!!
        Obviously you feel your Representatives Haskell and Steinberg know more about Police Accountability than our Chief and other members of Law Enforcement correct? Don’t you think our Representatives should at least talk to local law enforcement first before bowing to the Majority Democratic Machine in Hartford?

    • Seriously !!! Spoken like a true republican !
      Where has your head been for the past 4 years ?
      You voted against police and fire pensions, a disgrace.
      Jonathon and Will work their butts off and have been nothing but excellent, responsive politicians, but I guess you as a Republican find that hard to stomach.
      Yes they don’t behave like our obnoxious leader of this great country. Nobody would who is sane and fit to lead.
      Roll on November 3rd for new leadership and someone who will lead us forward and not behave like the thug that he is.
      It makes me irate to think that any educated sane person would even contemplate trump as a leader..
      if you need to know what’s going on with police and fire with regard to any relevant issues, speak to RTM member sal Liccione. Oh that’s right he’s a Democrat, and is hugely involved and present where these organizations are concerned. He has their mutual respect and at all times has their backs.
      In the words of Kathryn Sirico “ stay in your lane “
      And stick to facts
      Stop trying to dirty waters you’ve no understanding of

  33. Kathryn Sirico

    Agree with you 100 % Jimmy……

    • I absolutely 1000000000% do not agree.
      This is rediculous ! Again police pensions ? What did you not vote against them ?
      Seriously stop being ignorant

  34. Those threats aren’t anything compared to those who live in this Town !! As a Trump supporter I’ve never been so Shocked at how many grown adults drive by my house shouting obscenities in there cars on there bikes even when my grandchildren are outside playing they’ve given them the finger and shouted filth out of there mouths at 10 year olds …… I’ve had my flag pissed on by a black man while I sat on my porch and he parked in the road as many of you drove around his car watching him do it …. The gentleman who went to the democratic headquarters in Ffld it’s to bad you got arrested because there are many in this Town who do it openly on a daily basis ….. What Hypocrisy!!!

    • John D. McCarthy

      Hypocrisy? Merrick Garland.

    • Mary, I am curious why you mentioned the race of someone who you claim pissed on your Trump flag?

      Maybe the people shouting filth are just immitating Trump?

      • I’ll take that Chris. Public urination is a crime. Urination on private property is a crime. When the Westport PD want a description or the perp is Mary handcuffed because she’s worried about offending her fellow town folk? When we’re at the ‘Remarkable Theater’ can we just ‘go’ on a neighbors lawn? If the person were white, would the perp be described as a ‘white male/female’ or is that offensive to you?

        Do better.

        • James- Mary wasn’t describing a perp to the police! She was writing a comment to a post! There is a distinct difference!!!

          • Yes Trisha, I fully understand. I was replying to Chris. He asked, ‘ mentioned the race of someone …’ What that person of race did, regardless of color, was a crime.

            Appreciate you being civil :-). Enjoy your evening.

    • Mary,
      Why exactly do you support Trump ?
      Is it his reverence? Or his lies, fake news ? How unfortunate for your grandchildren that you are their example.
      No offense but you really should be ashamed of yourself and for this country’s sake I sincerely hope you are in the minority

      • Robert Moorman

        Ciara, you may have just want the award for the most reprehensible comment in this whole stream. To say that about a grandmother and her grandchildren. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Haha.. that’s a joke !
          Mary, I presume will influence her grandchildrenZ, and that sounds like a disaster.
          And as it sounds, god help us all in that case ! Only one who should be ashamed of herself is Mary.
          At this point in time why would any sane human being support the lunatic who calls himself leader.
          Robert take your head out of the sand. For want of a better word

  35. 1- Those of you who think the signs were a prank by teenagers, what!? Maybe I will be proven wrong, but I doubt that many high school students would take the time to do this. They are much more wrapped up in their dating lives, playing video games, and trying to deal with social distance learning!
    2- Trump supporter comment above– I am not condoning what happened on your property, and it is completely unacceptable! However- Why did you find it necessary to mention the Race of the man who urinated on your flag??!! Is is somehow about Race? I think not! This is about signs posted by unknown persons! I doubt you would have said ” a white man pissed” on your property! You would just say “a man.” Ask yourself – why is that??
    3- The Democratic Headquarters mentioned WOULD have the party’s political signs !! Really!? Did I miss something? No one should act the way the arrested man did. And if you read his comments made after his arrested, he admitted that he lost control.
    4- How did these comments get so political?! Bottom line- the police will likely find who did it and punish accordingly. Finally, can’t everyone agree to disagree without so much hate. Isn’t Westport better than this. As a fairly new resident, I surely hope so.

  36. Chris I am not Trump I am a human being and so were my grandchildren …. I am not compelled to shout obscenities at all the Biden signs around Town I accept that he is the candidate they like …..
    And I simply stated who it was and I don’t claim it he in fact did and I had the police involved in it ….

    • Also ! Is it really necessary to decorate your home with the signs of someone who is an absolute uncouth embarrassment to society ?
      Grow up or maybe you enjoy the derisive attention. I certainly would not

  37. It’s now often viewed by some as racist comment if someone mentions the race of someone in a general conversation that has no basis or need for including race.
    If one needs to use race to a police officer, etc to describe someone specifically when necessary- that is acceptable. But when writing a comment as above, there was no need to point out the man’s race. Again, that does not condone what happened at your home, and I’m very sorry your grandchild had to witness such behavior.

  38. Trisha ….. I appreciate your opinion but that is your opinion ….. I simply stated who that person was if I had his name I would have posted that or if I had my phone to take his pic that would have been posted … I am calling out a man who decided in broad daylight with tons of cars going by him to do what he did for no reason other then he passed by my home and decided my flag offended him …. now if calling out his race is offensive to some I can assure you that in the middle of a busy street with his car blocking the road he was very proud of who he was pissing on my property …….

    • Robert Moorman

      After having read all of these comments I would just like to say that all of the signs around town saying “ Hate has no home here” are wrong. Seems to be plenty to go around on both sides.

  39. Ciara Webster …. your comment is exactly why people feel they can step on your rights and piss on your property and shout obscenities at signs and young children … you are one of the righteous in Town who feels only “You” have the right to choose a candidate …. As far as I know I live in what’s still called America and I will always be who I am and voice what I believe in spite of pathetic people like yourself …. You and your kind are what’s wrong with this beautiful Town we live in and I will show my grandchildren Everyday of the week that racism comes in many forms and your comment is the epitome of its meaning …..

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