Roundup: Old Dominion, The Sun And The Moon, More

COVID kept the live audience away from last night’s 55th annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

But a nationwide television audience watched Old Dominion walk off with 2 huge awards: Best Group and Best Song (“One Man Band”).

Country music may not be huge in Westport. But we’re hugely proud of Old Dominion. Lead guitarist Brad Tursi is a 1997 graduate of Staples High School, where he was known not as a musician, but as a soccer star. He’s in the far right in the clip below, wearing a flannel shirt.  (Hat tip: Claudia Bradley)

He’s the first musician shown, in the official “One Man Band” video too:

Staples High School sophomore Phoebe Miller took this picture yesterday evening. She says that smoke from the wildfires out west has drifted far east. It blocks the sun’s rays, making it appear much larger and more orange than usual.

(Photo/Phoebe Miller)

This news will brighten your day:

International Observe the Moon Night will be celebrated in Westport (and everywhere) on Saturday, September 26. The Westport Astronomical Society says the annual worldwide public event “encourages observation and appreciation of the moon.

“All are invited to observe the moon, learn about NASA planetary science and exploration, and celebrate cultural and personal connections to our nearest neighbor. All you need to do is look up!

This year the moon will be just past 1st quarter – a great phase for evening observation.

If the skies are clear, the WAS will open the dome to its observatory on Bayberry Lane. Telescopes will be available.

The WAS adds: “The giant satellite has been our constant companion for 4.5 billion years, and viewed by every human who ever walked the Earth. It’s one of the solar systems’ most remarkable objects, and is quite likely a major reason that life even exists on our planet.”

Amazing full moon at Compo Beach (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

Seen at Compo Beach. Beware!

(Photo/Les Dinkin)

Crank up The Machine!

The final Supper & Soul drive-in concert of 2020 features The Machine — a longtime internationally touring Pink Floyd-style band. The event — co-sponsored by the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and Westport Library — is set for Saturday, October 3 (7 p.m., Imperial Avenue parking lot.

Tickets for the always-popular event are $150 per car (5-person maximum. They go on sale tomorrow (Friday, September 18) at 10 a.m. Click here to purchase.

And finally … in honor of International Observe the Moon Night (see above):

6 responses to “Roundup: Old Dominion, The Sun And The Moon, More

  1. Relative to the smoke from the fires out west – see Wikipedia for “The Year without Summer”.

  2. Great news about Old Dominion and Brad Tursi. When I was coaching Anna as a first grader in soccer I remember walking by the field where the first grade boys were playing. I noticed this kid playing and I was impressed then. It was Brad. I can remember him in games at Staples as well. So goes time. Thanks for posting the Capris and “There’s a Moon Out Tonight” Loved Doo Woop and I have the original of that song in my old 45’s in the basement!!

  3. Bill Strittmatter

    I might have gone with Moondance, Dancing in the Moonlight or, for Sinatra fans, Fly me to the Moon. Or, of course, to tie it into the Supper and Soul concert, Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage/Eclipse from Dark Side of the Moon.

    • I thought of all those (and I really love “Dancing in the Moonlight”). This one seemed closest to the target idea of a moon being seen in the sky.

      • Bill Strittmatter

        If seeing it was the theme, you might have gone with Dean Martin and “That’s Amore”.

        But the one you picked certainly works.

  4. Warning sign or no warning sign, LI Sound is a body of water I wouldn’t put me my feet in, never mind swim in. ‘Quintessential Westport’