Roundup: Big Top Ribs, “Best In Show”, EV Club, More

Owner Pete Aitkin wants to add some new “flashback” items to the Black Duck menu.

And he needs “06880” readers’ help.

“Many readers have fond memories of the Big Top,” he says, referencing the beloved, mouth-watering burgers-and-more joint on the Post Road and Roseville Road that is now (aaaargh) McDonald’s. “Some even worked there.”

Pete wonders: What kind of ribs did they serve? Baby backs? Beef? He thinks they were pork spare ribs. Any info on sauce or seasoning would be great too.

Email, or call 203-227-7978.

Yesterday marked the start of another school. It’s different than any that came before. But — as students, staff and parents saw yesterday at Coleytown Elementary School — some things never change:

(Photo/Stephanie Mastocciolo)

The Artists Collective of Westport knows about shows. So they’re proud to collaborate with the Remarkable Theater on a showing of “Best in Show.”

The drive-in movie — a biting satire about dog shows — will be shown Thursday, September 17 at 8 p.m. at the Imperial Avenue parking lot. The gate opens at 7.

Tickets are $50 per car. Click here to reserve.

Who says parades must be loud?

The EV Club of Connecticut is sponsoring a (socially distanced) electric car parade. It’s set for Sunday, September 27 (check-in at 9:30 a.m.

It starts at 10 a.m. at the eastbound Westport train station, by Donut Crazy. The parade ends at Fairfield’s Old Town Hall.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas will lead the parade in the department’s Tesla Model 3 police cruiser.

All makes of EV are welcome. To register, click here.

The Westport Police Department’s electric car.

And finally … today is September 9. Which means, whether you’re using American or European style, it’s 9/9. Which means …


9 responses to “Roundup: Big Top Ribs, “Best In Show”, EV Club, More

  1. Hah! “99 Luftballons” was in the Times crossword puzzle today. Great minds, etc.

  2. I loved the Big Top and often
    drove there for lunch. In addition
    to the cooking smell of the meat,
    perhaps the red relish was my

  3. I used to work at two BT locations way back in the early 70’s so I filled him in with the details….

  4. After Big Top and before McDonald’s, it was Roy Rogers loved their fried chicken.

  5. Henry Bromberger

    They were pork ribs…but not baby back. If I recall, you had a choice of bbq sauce & something akin to duck sauce. They may have had others; can’t remember. I usually had bbq sauce when I ordered ribs. But in general I stayed away from the ribs because they were generally pretty tough.

    Btw, our first experience there was on 1/28/1973. We were moving from Yonkers NY to Weston (in fact to the same house we are still living in). At the time , my son who was just 4, was getting hungry. We were waiting to meet the moving van at exit 17 on the Turnpike to lead them to Kettle Creek Road in Weston. We had no idea how to give them directions to the house and clearly no GPS existed so we set a time to meet. Just around that time Greg started to let us know that he was hungry. And so driving down the Post Road looking for a fast food restaurant (thank you Westport no McD or Burger King allowed in town then) we happened upon BigTop. What a find. A place that you could get hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, shakes, etc.

    We kept going until they shut down & I believe Roy Rodgers opened at that location prior to McD. Sorry to be so long winded, but just the name brings back good memories almost 48 years later.

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  6. Bill Strittmatter

    Maybe the Duck can reach out to the Katz brothers and get the old Ash Creek rib recipe. They were excellent, particularly as done at the Black Rock location. The onion strings were excellent as well.

  7. Peter Gambaccini

    It may have actually been a few feet over the town line and technically in Southport, but I notice the one local dining establishment of yesteryear that no ever pines for wistfully is Arthur Treacher’s Fish ‘n’ Chips. With good reason.

  8. Elisabeth Keane

    Did Friendly’s eventually take over Arthur Treacher’s location?