Pic Of The Day #1241

Riverside Avenue repair work, near Sunny Daes (Photo/Michael Chait)

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  2. Peter Mihalick

    Yesterday sent the selectman picture of Eversource truck just sitting for over 1/2 hr (possibly longer) at Cumberland farms. And no he wasn’t eating his lunch,

  3. It seems that at least twice a year some portion of downtown is being dug up. Couldn’t we start to use those opportunities to bury overhead wiring?

    • Burying lines is not a simple task.
      This whole area has a high water table and many rocks or I should say boulders underground that hamper and cause more problems of lines shorting out because of water issues.
      I watched them trying to install a brand new gas line in my neighborhood because the old lines had deteriorated so badly along with others all over the city.
      They first run a truck or car equipped with special sonar and radar to pinpoint and map out what is underground.
      This gives the contractors a map of what’s could be a problem as they dig the trenches.
      As they dug the new trenches, some sections when smoothly others took forever because they had to really open the road to pull out boulders ranging from sizes of a small car, a SUV to the size of a box truck or they had to maneuver around the sewer and water mains. They also had to replace sections of sewer pipe that snapped no matter how careful they were especially on the hilly and stepper sections of the roadway.

      If the power lines were underground, it would take longer to get power back up.
      Norwalk used to have more communication and power underground. The water kept getting into the piping no matter what they did to water proof it.
      So the decision was made by the communication and power companies in the late ’90s to move large chuck of the cables topside into large metal boxes around the city.
      There’s still some underground and when they have to work it backs up traffic because they have to shutdown a section of the road to get into the man hole and it’s tight working conditions. They also have to have police there so no one gets hit and run over. They can’t have three people working at the same time as the pictures above shows with cherry pickers when they’re underground in the man hole.
      Just this past Tuesday on Connecticut Ave US RT 1 at the intersection of Scribner Ave was an underground repair job with Norwalk Police protecting them. Traffic was backed up bumper to bumper and at a stand still for long periods of time to get traffic around them working underground.
      It’ll take them working in cherry pickers then the workers in the cramped underground utility man hole box.

  4. It would be great if these repairs were done correctly ( patches have made it terrible) look at the section of road they worked on from post rd to town hall.. they should be made to do it properly. Can’t believe the town accepts this sloppy work. If you had your driveway done as a homeowner you wouldn’t accept this would you? Why should we as taxpayers accept it!

    • All those wires and cables are not Eversource’s responsibility.
      They’re owned by other telecommunications companies, they have to come in and transfer their lines to the new poles.
      This is just not Westport. It’s in all the surrounding communities too.