Photo Challenge #297

There is so much that’s special about Old Mill, Sherwood Mill Pond and Compo Cove: the pedestrian-only wooden bridges. The oyster house, reachable only by boat. The old-fashioned garages, one of them festooned with seashells.

And the 3-wheeled vehicle that sits in Clark Hanford’s lawn, next to the narrow walkway leading to those garages and bridges (with the oyster house off in the distance).

That little car was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge. Every reader who responded knew exactly where it sits. Congrats to Matt Murray, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Linda Revelli, Tom Green, Rich Stein, Fred Cantor, Seth Goltzer, Karen Como, Tom Risch, Amy Schneider and Bob Belciano.

Some of those readers live at or near Old Mill. Some enjoy walking there. All are intrigued by it. Click here, to see for yourself.

And see if you can identify this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d spot this, click “Comments” below.

38 responses to “Photo Challenge #297

  1. The Gillespie Center

  2. Gillespie Center!

  3. The Gillespie Center

  4. Homes with Hope Gillespie Center — when meals are provided evert day by many individuals and community groups.

  5. The Gillespie Center

  6. I think it is the Gillespie Center.

    Ed Gerber

  7. Gillespie Center!

  8. I think that’s the men’s shelter behind the old town hall.

  9. Easy that’s where we went to get our minibus passes… and is now the Gillespie Center

  10. Gillespie Center

  11. The Gillespie Center!

  12. Peggy O’Halloran

    Gillespie Center

  13. Gillespie Center?

  14. The entrance leading to Gillespie Center.

  15. Entrance to Gillespie Center.

  16. Gillespie Center

  17. Gillespie Center…looking good!

  18. Michelle Scher Saunders

    I’ve spent lots of time with my boys here at the Gillespie Center serving meals and dropping off food donations.

  19. Now let me see ……is it possible that it is the entrance to the Gillespie center?

  20. Gillespie Center on Jesup Road

  21. Entrance to the Gillespie Center.

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. Dan, I guess I don’t have to wait for you to confirm that it’s the Gillespie Center. The photo reminds me of all the time I spent waiting in-line for one of the 2 Fine Arts theaters around the corner many years ago.

  23. Gillespie Center entrance.

  24. Door to Gillespie Center

  25. He definitely has a thing about Old Mill.

  26. Gillian Anderson

    The picture is of the newly renovated Gillespie Center. Congrats to Helen McAldinden and her staff for a job well done!

  27. Gillespie Center

  28. The homeless shelter?

  29. It is definitely the Gillespie Center (and Hoskins Place for women). Westporters know, appreciate and support their homeless shelters and food pantries!

  30. The entrance to the Gillespie Center.

  31. That was the old Town Highway Department Garage which later became the Gillespie Center.

  32. Gillespie Center. I’m glad so many people recognize it. It is part of what makes Westport unique.We opened it so that The Inn at National Hall could use the parking spaces around the Vigilant Firehouse. The Men’s Shelter opened in the Firehouse on Christmas Eve, 1984. The Gillespie Center opened in April 1989. Immediately prior to becoming the Gillespie Center (named after one of our founders, Jim Gillespie) the site hosted the Youth Adult Center which by 1989 was a ride service, I think it was called Fish, for high school students and the home of the Transit District. Hoskins Place followed a few years later and is the shelter for single women. It is named after another founder, The Rev Ted Hoskins, Pastor of Saugatuck Church for many years.

  33. Gillespie center

  34. Gillespie Center

  35. That’s the Westport shelter building near Jessup Green. Great outreach venue!

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