Photo Challenge #296

Last week’s two-fer Photo Challenge threw a few readers for a loop.

As the story said, “winners” (who get nothing except 15 minutes of Sunday afternoon glory) had to identify both photos — of plants and flowers hanging outside a couple of walls — correctly. (Click here to see.)

Most people identified the top photo as Pane e Bene, across from the Westport Inn. Fewer got the second one, another Italian restaurant in the other end of town: Tutti’s.

Congratulations to Rich Stein, Seth Braunstein, Amy Schneider and Claire Elliot for getting both images right. Buon appetito!

We’re back to one photo this week. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Les Dinkin)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #296

  1. 31 Old Mill Rd.

  2. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Old Mill. One of Clark’s cars?

  3. Linda Revelli

    Old mill Beach

  4. Old Mill Beach parking lot – the car belongs to Clark Hanford

  5. The vehicle has been on a New York plate for more than 8 years even though it has been used here in Connecticut for all that time. Yes, Clarkie’s vehicle. The State says you are supposed to register a car when you bring to CT.

    • This happens a lot. See all the NY plates around Westport Their all avoiding paying the exorbitant Westport road tax.
      Go to Longshore and see all the NY plates at our beach. Last weekend I saw 6 cars with NY and 1 Vermont plates dropping off or picking up a car load of out of towners from the beach. And we wonder why it’s so crowded.

      • But that vehicle is not from a visitor or temporary resident. When it is parked in the lot, it is used as a parking space “holder” for Clark’s tenant’s car. FYI, I’ll take Connecticut’s taxes any day over Westchester’s really high taxes. Bottom line is that vehicle should have been registered in the state where it is parked and used years ago. I wonder if it is in limbo, if taxes are being paid to NY State? Not that it is worth a lot in the first place.

  6. This is the three wheel car that is parked at old Mill

  7. Old Mill home near the walkway leading to the bridge.

  8. Old Mill Beach, last house before the walkway….

  9. Compo Mill Cove

  10. little house off Old mill parking lot by the garages

  11. I thought this would be tough. Everyone is correct: The vehicle is often parked in the yard of the last house before the garages and the wooden bridges leading past Sherwood Mill Pond to Compo Cove.

  12. Amy Schneider

    Old Mill

  13. Bob Belciano

    Old Mill Beach!