Unsung Heroes #155

This one’s a no-brainer.

It’s been 8 days since tropical storm Isaias hammered our homes.

Power is still out in some spots. WiFi, cable and phone service may take longer.

But as we look back on the past week, our town is filled with heroes. If you are …

  • A first responder (police, fire, EMT…) who fielded hundreds of calls
  • A second responder, like the Community Emergency Response Team
  • An Eversource worker — or one that the utility outsourced, who drove for hours to get here — and worked tirelessly, in dangerous conditions, sometimes bearing the brunt of residents’ frustrations with Eversource’s highly paid higher-ups
  • A Department of Public Works worker, who made seemingly impassable roads passable
  • A landscaper or tree guy, who had more work than you ever dreamed of from regular customers, but still found time to help homeowners in dire straits who desperately flagged you down

To the rescue! (Photo/C. Swan)

  • A Human Services Department employee, who did way-beyond-the-job-description things like delivering food and water (and toilet paper!) to stranded seniors
  • Nate Gibbons, the fire inspector who provided sane, soothing and life-saving advice on a continuous WWPT-FM loop
  • The staff of the Westport Library, who made sure the generator stayed on so that (literally) thousands of residents could access WiFi, (literally) 24/7

A small part of the large WiFi crowd. (Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

  • A Westporter who helped a neighbor (or stranger) in any way: offering charging or a hot shower; clearing brush; providing food or shelter or a shoulder to cry or vent on — or anything else
  • A restaurant, deli or market owner, who somehow saved or scavenged food, kept it cold or heated it up, and somehow found a way to serve or sell it
  • A Parks & Recreation Department staffer, who got our parks and recreation facilities cleaned up quickly — a take-your-mind-off-your-woes lifesaver for many, especially over the weekend
  • A town official who fielded countless urgent calls, pleas and requests, along with tons of demands and questions; dealt with impossible-to-deal with utility representatives; got the ear of the governor, senators, our congressman and state legislators; kept everyone as safe as possible — and did it all during a pandemic, while also planning for (hey, why not?!) a primary election

… then you are our Heroes of the Day.

I know I’ve missed plenty of categories. Apologies in advance. Feel free to add your own Heroes; click “Comments” below.

14 responses to “Unsung Heroes #155

  1. Andrew Colabella

    The crew from Sumter Utilities, SC. Utility Companies from NJ, IA, NJ, VA, NC, OH, and even Quebec.

    The residents and visitors of Grove Point Road.

    Public Works and Parks Maintanence Crews.

    Jim at #24 Edgewater Commons

    Lewis tree company, especially Jessie, the foreman for responding and coordinating with me.

    The unnamed man from Eversource with the thick Boston accident for responding to the line fire with the neighbors trapped in the house and responding.

    Westport Fire Fighters from Greens Farms House.

    Almost back to normal from Level 8 Jumanji. Let’s see what September (Level 9) holds for us.

    • Wendy Cusick

      I’ve met Jessie from Lewis tree. Great guy, knows his trees and always open minded when talking to customers and surrounding neighbors.
      He’s a veteran at Lewis.

  2. Our friend Penny Pearlman took us in for 3 days. Thank you with all our heart.

  3. Helen Ranholm

    How about the Postman. They have delivered mail throughout the whole eight days. They are heroes also.

  4. My personal heroes are my good neighbors, Grayson Braun and Jamie Walsh who came over with food, cheer and help throughout the lack of power during the last 6 days and were always available, day and night when I needed help. I’d love to thank them as two of Westport’s unsung heroes.

    • Thanks Ann, but we are far from heroes! We care about you because you are our good friend and neighbor…and that what good people do for one another…no matter your skin color, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs. Just be kind, thoughtful and lookout for each other. Thanks Ann and Dan for all you both do for Westport.

    • John D McCarthy

      Ann, this is no surprise. Jamie and Grayson are the best. So glad to have them (and you!) as neighbors for the past 24 years!

  5. Denise Torve

    You, Dan Woog, are absolutely an unsung hero. You kept us very informed in your unique way – clear, to the point, friendly and calming. And we sure needed that! Thank you for helping the town get through a rough time once again!

  6. The employees of the town transfer station on Sherwood Island Road.

  7. A blogger, Dan Woog, who kept us all informed and entertained.