One More Post-Storm Update: Get A Refund! Don’t Kill Yourself!

This afternoon, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, the Department of Public Works and Westport’s Emergency Response Team provided this information. It Includes power outages (including Optimum TV), and safety and food tips.

Most roads are passable. But some may be detoured if crews are in the area clearing debris.

Currently 0.32 percent, or approximately 41, of Westport’s Eversource customers are without power. Those customers, and others with specific outage issues are being addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Due to the heat wave and for those in need, the cooling center at Greens Farms Elementary School is open now until 5 p.m. Wear a face covering, and maintain social distance recommendations.
  • Homeowners should contact electricians to manage individual issues, such as wires that were pulled from the home or electrical panels. A certified electrician must re-attach those wires. Neither Eversource nor town DPW crews are qualified to service individual home electric panels.

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Cable and internet service

If your power has been restored but your cable/internet access remains down, please contact your provider. Those providers rely upon electrical restoration or pole re-installation before their services can be addressed. Some fiber cables have been compromised. Town officials are also in contact with providers to encourage facilitation of those services.

Optimum (also known as Cablevision/Altice) says that teams have been deployed around the clock restoring services as quickly as possible. The percentage of customers in Connecticut without Optimum service due to the storm has fallen from more than 44% to less than 4% today.

Optimum offers these restoration tips:

If you lost power, restart your equipment using these steps:

  • Unplug your equipment from its power source.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Plug your equipment back into the power source

If your service does not return after restarting, it is possible that:

  • The power that feeds the network in your area comes from a different commercial power source than the power that feeds your home or business location, or there is another issue relating to network power that needs to be addressed. Optimum is coordinating with electric companies to identify these issues and ensure prioritization of repair or restoration.
  • There is damage to the Optimum network, like a downed utility pole or wire break. Crews are working to rectify this type of damage.

To check on service status:

  • Go to  Sign in with your Optimum ID and password. Next, under Support (upper right corner), click “Service status.”

To report service issues:

To request a credit, click here:

Safety Information:

Homeowners are often seriously injured trying to do their own post-storm cleanup work.

  • Consider consulting a professional before undertaking any major restoration or tree / large limb removal.
  • Do not use a chain saw if you are not experienced in properly and safely operating it, or if you are not physically fit.  If you must use a chainsaw, work only on the ground, not in a tree.
  • Use extreme caution with ladders.
  • Stay safe in hot weather; hydrate; pace yourself.
  • The Westport yard waste site on Bayberry Lane is open fto discard tree limbs and branches.

Food safety reminders: 

  • Any food remaining in a refrigerator or freezer during the outage should be considered contaminated. Do not rely upon appearance or smell to determine if it is safe to consume. When in doubt, throw it out.
  • When power comes back on, clean out your refrigerator and freezer before putting new food in it. Wash the inside of the refrigerator and freezer with soap and warm water, then wipe with a mild solution of ½ tablespoon bleach in a gallon of water. Keep doors open to allow to dry. Once dry, allow the unit to get cold before placing food inside.

18 responses to “One More Post-Storm Update: Get A Refund! Don’t Kill Yourself!

  1. Ernie Lorimer

    Curious whether anyone will hear from Optimum about a refund. My experience just now was an immediate denial.

    • Mine too.

    • Mitchell Lester

      Me too:

      “We are unable to give you a service credit at this time.

      For more information about your credit request you can chat with an Optimum Expert, call or tweet @OptimumHelp 24/7. Simply click a button in the “Need more help?” section of this page to choose your contact method.”

    • Mitchell Lester

      Me too:
      “We are unable to give you a service credit at this time.

      For more information about your credit request you can chat with an Optimum Expert, call or tweet @OptimumHelp 24/7. Simply click a button in the “Need more help?” section of this page to choose your contact method.”

    • Dermot Meuchner

      It’s a con game. All these utilities are worthless.

  2. you’re the best…

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  3. Katherine A. Calise

    I also received an immediate denial

  4. Yup. Got denied instantly. No explanation.

  5. Same Here. It is impossible to ask for an online refund. This is going to take a lot of time and effort on each customer’s part to get a service credit! I think that we need to contact the State of CT government agency that handles communication companies, such as Optimum.

  6. Barbara Wiederecht

    Denied also. Thought it was too good to be true.

  7. I had an immediate denial for a refund too! What are the criteria?

  8. Michael Isaacs

    Optimum always makes sure it’s the worst customer service on the planet. We keep getting texted that our service is back running, but the wire is on the lawn. I finally got someone on the line, told him the wire is on the ground and he said he would investigate. That was 2 days ago. Still nothing. Told a guy in an Optimum truck down the street what was up. He took my information. Nothing.

  9. Kevin McCaul

    Dan –
    Saw this in some FB group “Check your home insurance- most will cover food that spoils as a result of a power outage caused by a covered risk, up to a value specified in your policy. It is typically not subject to your deductible. USAA for sure. Our insurance asked me the value of what we lost and sent payment right away.”

  10. John D McCarthy

    Oh Optimum, finally got through to someone to tell them wires were down and service not working at my parent’s house. They set a time to show up today (!), they showed up (!) and…..the guy came in a Small truck and they need a Big truck to fix the problem. No idea when they can come back. All too believable.

    Hey Westport, there was talk a few days ago of setting up a town-owned electric utility to replace Eversource. How about a town-owned data/tv/phone service company? The town has already spent beaucoup bucks on distributing fiber, most of it still dark I believe, throughout town to all schools, town owned buildings and facilities. It probably passes by more houses in town than our extensive sewer system.

  11. Deborah Johnson

    Thank you Dan for all this information.

  12. Stacy Prince

    FWIW: My insurance broker advised me not to make a food claim, even though they waived part of the deductible, as it would still be “a claim” and could affect future rates.

    Yes, thank you, Dan, for being THE place to go for EVERYTHING in Westport. 🙂

  13. Ernie Lorimer

    Folks will have seen the new banner on the Optimum website to the effect that a credit will be given for the outage without having to request it.

    Also, an credit is given for any outage over 4 hours if you notify them within 30 days, per their terms of service.