Pics Of The Day #1205 (Isaias Edition)

Richmondville Avenue (Photo/Arlene Yolles)

Saugatuck Avenue #1 …

… Saugatuck Avenue #2 …

… and Saugatuck Avenue #3 (Photos/Scott Singer)

Hales Road (Patricia McMahon)

One view of Prospect and Hillandale …

… and another (Photos/Samuel Wang)

Grove Point Road, where …

… everyone beyond #17 is stuck (Photos/John Kantor)

Meanwhile, at Compo Beach … (Photo/Jay Walshon)

And — with the power out — some emergency supplies (Photo/Matt Murray)

NOTE: The Westport Library will be closed tomorrow.

6 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1205 (Isaias Edition)

  1. Thank you Dan. Hope you are ok. Nancy

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    • Thanks, Nancy. Like 93% of Westport, I have no power. Cell service is spotty. I managed to post these tonight using tin cans and wires. But I’m safe and fine, and I hope you are too. Hang in there, guys!

  2. Thanks Dan for the updates. Wish all is well.

    By the way, if you want good Cell phone signal, drive to the parking lot next to Walgreens. You would get 5 bars on your phone. Cheers!

  3. Wendy Cusick

    Saugatuck Ave picture #1
    That same area is always taking out utility poles and wires.
    Hopefully, that’s the last tree in that area.

  4. joshua stein

    I just drove around town… drove main roads, some larger side roads, and there is zero sign of any utility workers. Meanwhile it seems that Norwalk has cleared all of their roads and restored power to most places. Very odd not to see a single utility truck… Also, I think I see local business owners / security guarding many store fronts along post road and main street.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Josh interior roads and side roads are a disaster.
      Quite a bit of Norwalk has no power you just can see it
      By the way, I’m one of those without power.
      Many poles were taken down by huge limps and or whole trees.
      Norwalk DPW are working to clear roads that not passable.