Pics Of The Day #1199

The other day, “06880” photographer Lauri Weiser took a stroll downtown. Here’s what she saw:

(Photos/Lauri Weiser)

8 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1199

  1. Lovely series of photos.
    The Swan babies have grown up and have pure white feathers now.

  2. Reminded me of working at Save the Children and walking in that pretty area often during lunchtime.

  3. Even the Swans are staying socially distant!

  4. Thank you, Lauri. Anyone who recognizes beauty in this world gifts that beauty to the rest of us. For this, we should all be grateful, as this morning I am. Please accept my gratitude.

    • Thank you for such kind words!
      As I go about each day in this Covid world, I try to stay positive by looking for the beauty all around me. Not too hard to do in our amazing town!

  5. Christine Freeman

    THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Amy Schneider

    Stunning photos. I love the walk around the Levitt. The scenery changes every day.

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