Friday Flashback #202

For over a century — ever since it became a public beach — Compo has been a center of local life.

Of course, fashions change. Mary Gai provides this look at what the well-dressed Westporter once wore.

Compare it to today:

(Photo/Dennis Jackson)

Hah! I fooled you!

That’s not a photo from yesterday. It’s from 50 years ago.

Sure, we’ve got social distancing. We knocked down some bathhouses, and removed the rocks.

But to generations of Westporters, Compo Beach truly is timeless.

5 responses to “Friday Flashback #202

  1. Seth Goltzer

    There were great pictures of Compo hanging in Thompson’s Drug Store, anyone remember them?
    Maybe the Historical Society has them…..

  2. Susan Hopkins


  3. Carol Davis

    More than 50 years ago. We’re here more than 50 years and we didn’t wear long dresses, long sleeves and caps, We looked like today pretty much.

  4. Carol Davis

    We’re here more than 50 years and we didn’t wear long sleeves and long dresses in the 60s.

  5. What’s fun is reading the local Westport newspaper in 1920. Compo Beach was the clearly the beloved center of the town in so many articles. History repeating itself…