Beach Home Gutted By Fire

Firefighters contained a potentially dangerous blaze in the pre-dawn hours this morning, near Compo Beach.

An unoccupied Roosevelt Avenue home — currently under renovation — caught fire.

(Photo/Jimmy Izzo)

Quentin Road resident Larry Hoy reports, “Westport’s finest and bravest were there at 5 a.m., and totally controlled and contained the fire.

“It was quite impressive to see these guys in action. The neighboring homes are very close, but the WFD made sure they were unscathed.”

The cause of the blaze has not yet been determined.

(Photo/Larry Hoy)


4 responses to “Beach Home Gutted By Fire

  1. Kristan Hamlin


  2. Bob Weingarten

    For those that are history oriented, this same house was awarded a Westport Preservation Award in 2012. From the award, the following was said by the HDC: “The HDC cites the respectful renovation of this 1922 colonial revival house for its contribution to retaining and reflecting the original character of this neighborhood, in the face of economic pressures to replace it with a larger structure.”

    Hopefully the house will be restored to its beauty of 1922 and receive another Preservation Award.

  3. Sally Kellogg

    I grew up on Roosevelt Road 1949-1971. #5 was tastefully scraped but my grandparents’ #3 is still standing on one of the nicest sites at Compo.