Pic Of The Day #1190

Downtown Saugatuck River (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1190

  1. Fabulous Pats!!!

  2. David Squires

    (as usual)

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Joseph Thanhauser

    Beautiful photo!

  5. Christine Freeman

    So happy to living in this area! With the Connecticut early evening sky you could/can see Comet NOEWISE with the naked eye just after sunset in the north west quadrant in the early evening sky. It appears as an extremely bright star/planet because Its very bright head and its debris tail are illuminated by the Sun as the Comet swings around the Sun. You can see both the very bright head and fuzzy tail clearly with amateur binoculars. Look this week. – It won’t return for another 6,800 years!

  6. Amy Schneider


  7. Jeanine Esposito

    Love this!!

  8. Annette Norton