Solar Project Application Withdrawn

Earlier today, “06880” reported that tonight the Planning & Zoning Commission would consider a text amendment, special permit and site plan application for “solar-based electric generating facilities” on the Bedford Middle School campus.

Less than 4 hours before the meeting, Public Works director Peter Ratkiewich advised P&Z director Mary Young that the plans — submitted by Greenskies Clean Energy, on behalf of the town — were being withdrawn.

“The Administration has decided not to pursue this project at this time,” Ratkieweich said.

The site plan for Bedford Middle School. The proposed solar panels

5 responses to “Solar Project Application Withdrawn

  1. John F. Suggs

    Justice Brandeis said it best when he stated: “Sunlight is the best of disinfectants.” Thank you Dan Woog and 06880 for shining sunlight on the ignominious effort by Town Hall to ram through this troubling plan in a single night during the dog days of summer when no one was looking. Transparency and open public hearings are vital in properly vetting its viability. Thanks Dan.

  2. Don Bergmann

    I hope First Selectman Marpe will issue a statement as to what is going on, i.e. the reasoning behind first going ahead and then, apparently at the last minute, stopping. Also, will the matter be resubmitted? A simple but complete statement should suffice. The proposal presumably has supporters and those in opposition. I have not done my homework.
    Don Bergmann

  3. The administration and Greenskies will simply now pivot to their secondary solar panel target: Barons South Park. In particular, the Senior Center parking lot. There’s only one little problem. Well, actually there are quite a few. But we cheerfully cut down huge mature trees in order to (illegally) dump over 5,000 yards of dirty fill and construction debris in that park. So let’s really go green and wipe out the entire tree line on the park’s northern lot line – as Greenskies has requested.

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Since, unfortunately, I no longer live in Westport I try to stay out of things like this. However when I saw the post this morning I went to google maps and looked at the area. When I saw John Suggs comment I took a deep breath and a sigh of relief…Thank goodness someone, John, is on this. Thank you Dan for bringing it up and thank you John and the others who shone a light on this.

  5. Mark Bachmann

    Good news, although not maybe not so much if Mr. Boyd is correct in his assessment.