Roundup: Rotary; Reactive Attachment Disorder; Rocks; More

A little pandemic can’t keep Westport’s Sunrise Rotary club down.

Every April, they do a volunteer clean-up in town. The lockdown postponed this year’s event. But yesterday the members were out in force, ridding the I-95 Exit 17 parking lot of trash.

It was just like old times. Except for the masks.

Westporters have been intrigued by a Ford Escort at the train station.

During the pandemic it sat for weeks in the same spot. Last week it finally vanished. Some folks were pleased because it seemed the driver was okay; others wondered if the car had been towed, because the driver was not okay.

Well, the Ford is back. But now I’ve got another question:

There are hundreds of empty spots in the lot. Why does he (or she) choose such a random place to park?

(Photo/Curtis Lueker)

Bridgewater got Paul Podolsky to Westport. The 1991 Brown University grad  liked the town so much, he moved here.

Five weeks ago — after more than 20 years with the firm — he retired. His goal is to write full time. Judging by his memoir — released today — he’s got another great career.

Raising a Thief is the powerful, insightful and searingly truthful story of the orphan girl Podolsky and his wife adopted from Russia. They imagined she’d blend in well with their son, and enjoy all the wonders of Westport.

But she suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder — a condition in which a child who has suffered physical or emotional neglect or abuse cannot form a healthy emotional bond with new parents.

Sonya lies and steals. She has an eating disorder, and tries to jump out of a window.

It’s a difficult story to read. It must have been even harder to live through — and then write.

Yet, Podolsky notes, Bridgewater helped. “The culture is all about radical honesty. I was accustomed to that.”

Founder Ray Dallio says of the book: “I am passionage about understanding how people think, and why … This book offers an invaluable picture about how the earliest childhood experiences shape thinking. I recommend it for all parents.”

Podolsky’s wife became a therapist, and now treats struggling families. They — and anyone with an interest in the human condition — will appreciated Raising a Thief. 

As for Podolsky, his next book is fiction. It’s based on his work in international finance, specifically China and Russia.

For more information and to buy Raising a Thief, click here.

Paul Podolsky

They’re the gifts that keep on giving.

From the earliest days of the coronavirus, stones bearing uplifting messages have been spotted around town.

They’re at Grace Salmon Park. Outisde the police station. On Burying Hill Beach.

Yesterday, Lauri Weiser spotted this particularly pretty one. Rock on, Westport!

And finally … summer arrived yesterday. Of the squintillion summer songs, this Gershwin tune — and this Billy Stewart version — stands at the top.

4 responses to “Roundup: Rotary; Reactive Attachment Disorder; Rocks; More

  1. Wendy Cusick

    Yay, the owner of the Ford is fine! 🎉
    Dan, the owner has been parking like that since ’91.
    That’s normal and not out character.
    I miss my silver Escorts 5 speed manuel transmission. I have 3 over a 13 year period. I would have one less but had to replace one after an bad accident.
    Long live the Escort! 🖖

    🖖live long and prosper🖖
    Leonard Nimoy-Spock-Jewish meaning that he asked to used for his character and others in Star Trek. Check out the interview.

  2. Don Bergmann

    As to the brief reference to the Rotary clean up, that is of course terrific. We all should make a point of picking up and disposing of trash as we come upon it. It really makes a difference and the more each of us helps out, the more likely it is that others will join in..
    Don Bergmann

  3. Abby Safirstein

    So very proud to be part of this Westport Sunrise Rotary tradition. Great work by everyone!

  4. The rock posted above is beautiful! Please feel free to tag us at Westport Rocks on Instagram so we can add it to our virtual gallery and on our website for people near and far to be able to view!