Persona Interview: Police Chief Foti Koskinas

What 4 Minneapolis police officers did to George Floyd was “horrifying and embarrasing.”

97% of what the Westport police do is “serve.” Only about 3% is “protect.”

And even though he is white, when Foti Koskinas came to the US as a 7th grader from Greece — speaking not a word of English — he felt like a minority.

He made those remarks yesterday, in an interview with Rob Simmelkjaer. They’re significant because Koskinas is now Westport’s chief of police.

The wide-ranging interview includes topics like why, at a Jesup Green rally, Koskinas apologized to Floyd’s family (he felt the Minnesota police had dishonored the uniform and badge Koskinas is so proud of), and current calls to de-fund police departments (he talks about the effects of government cuts to mental health services, which force the police to now do more than ever).

The interview was done in partnership with Westport Lifestylemagazine, which will post excerpts from this and other interviews with Westporters about recent protests.

The interview is available on the Persona app — and on YouTube. Click below for the full discussion.

7 responses to “Persona Interview: Police Chief Foti Koskinas

  1. This is a powerful interview that ALL Westporters should watch. I repeat, we are very fortunate to have Foti as our Chief of Police.

  2. Janette Kinnally

    Great interview Rob. Thanks Chief Foti Koskinas for being a great Police Chief for Westport.
    Having grown up here and gone to school with some who have become police officers, and friends with some on the police force, I can honestly say I have had mostly good interactions with the police.
    One day I was talking to a friend who is a Westport police officer at the Levitt and suddenly a person collapsed and he jumped into action and saved the persons life. I talked to him later and he did not want to talk about it. He said it is part of my job. And I thought wow, police officers have to deal with these kind of issues on a daily basis. It made me appreciate him and the police even more. We are so fortunate to have them around to serve and protect our community.

  3. When 51% of America’s police departments have a chief of Koskinas’s caliber, systemic racism will be a thing of the past.

  4. Tony Giunta

    A truly GREAT interview. The Chief ,I feel, accurately represents the true service and dedication of the Westport Police Department.

  5. Adam Vengrow

    Chief Foti and his team are just incredible. enough said!

  6. Rick Leonard

    Superb interview, thanks so much Rob. Chief Foti, thank you for your supportive words and actions.