Unsung Heroes #150

Last Labor Day weekend, a group of Saugatuck Yacht Club members helped save a life. They, and members of another club, found a man on his boat in Long Island Sound. He was non-responsive, and had no pulse.

They began CPR. They administered AED treatment. They sped him to medics on land. It was a true team effort.

At Stony Brook Hospital, they were told the man had a 6% chance of survival on land — but near 0% on water.

He made a full recovery.

Last week the United States Coast Guard Sector Long Island sound captain and commander came to Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club. There was a physically distanced presentation to SHYC members Josh Stein and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Nadal; Dr Robert Kloss, Rob Kloss (also an EMT), and Kevin, Brian and Kathleen Rooney.

Non-Saugatuck Harbor members honored included Doug Ewin, Gary Dayton, Heather Tearne and Alan Bertrand.

“Knowing life-saving aid is important on land or sea,” Stein says.

And “06880” is proud to know this group of Westporters, who knew exactly how to provide it.

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Last week’s ceremony.


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  1. Adam VEngrow

    that is awesome, without 06880 we wouldn’t get these bits of good news… rest of the world only focuses on the bad stuff