Candlelight Vigil: A Call To Action

Forty Westporters gathered last night on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge. Hours earlier, George Floyd had been buried.

(Photo/Pamela Einarsen)

They lit candles, then stood in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds — the length of time the Minneapolis man had been held on the ground, with a knee on his neck.

(Photo/Diane Johnson)

Organizer Dina Upton said:

As George’s breath left his body, I believe his breath swelled up in me and all of us and in people all over the world. We come together to recognize the laying to rest of George Floyd, but we cannot rest.

We must do something to help one another no matter how big or how small. Drive someone to vote, take them grocery shopping, anything that can make a difference in your life or the life of someone else.

Rest in Peace George.

(Photo/Pam Einarsen)

3 responses to “Candlelight Vigil: A Call To Action

  1. Adam Vengrow

    we need to also remember the retired police captain killed by looters while he was protecting a friends store…..that should get as noble a mention and candlelight vigil as well. just because this killing was not a white vs black does not make it any less despicable.

    • Diane Johnson

      I agree that every murder is horrific. My participation in last night’s peaceful vigil for George Floyd should in no way insinuate that I do not also mourn the tragic loss of Captain David Dorn in St Louis. I pray for Captain Dorn’s family and share their grief, but that is not why I attended last night’s vigil. I will continue to participate in peaceful vigils and protests and I will continue to search for thoughtful ways to specifically support black lives until the benefits I enjoy from my white privilege are available to black lives in equal measure. I will continue to pray for a day when three complicit police officers do not allow a criminally rogue police officer to kneel on the neck of a human being and snuff out their life with a hand casually tucked into their pocket no less. Police brutality, the inequity in our legal justice system, the intentional obstacles put in place for generations preventing black families from accumulating wealth and the systemic racism in our institutions and in ourselves are why I attended last night’s vigil and why I will continue to find ways to act.

  2. Don Bergmann

    Is there going to be any effort to have an ongoing demonstration/vigil each Saturday morning at the Bridge as occurred under Estelle Margolis’ leadership during the Iraq war years? You may recall, the “Honk for Peace” signs. Such a vigil could continue for a long time, though during the winter, it gets a little tough. Ultimately, it does not require many people, just a few with signs. If you need my e mail, I am sure Dan Woog can provide it.
    Don Bergmann