Unsung Heroes #149

Alert — and impressed — “06880” reader Melissa Waters writes:

Heroes come in varying degrees of nobility, courage and honor.

Though perhaps not “heroes” in the true definition of the word, as we near the end of the school year I’d like to nominate each and every one of the children in Westport.

They learned online since mid-March. Yet not only did these kids navigate a new way of education; they also learned a new way to navigate friendships, club activities, music lessons, and so much more.

Staples’ High School’s “We the People” team prepared for their national competition via Zoom. And they prepared well: They finished 5th in the US!

We asked them to pivot – and pivot quickly – to a “temporary” normal. So much of their daily life – and daily happiness – was canceled: play dates, sports, theater shows, field days, proms, moving up and graduation ceremonies, and more.

While I don’t know every kid in town, and it hasn’t been easy for some I’m sure, I’m guessing they all, in their own way, rose to the challenge and did the very best they could during this crazy time. I know I couldn’t have done what they’ve done.

So to all you students – especially our high school seniors – kudos!

Thank you for all the card games, the dishes you put into the dishwasher, the extra dog walks, the crazy hair lengths, your morning smiles, your evening silliness, and the hard work you’ve done online and as part of your families.

Now it’s time for you to enjoy the summer!

This would be a welcome sight.

4 responses to “Unsung Heroes #149

  1. Andrea F. Berkley

    Couldn’t agree more! THANK YOU Melissa! Beautifully said.

  2. Bill Mitchell

    Really so well said Dan Thanks

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  3. Nancy Bloom

    Your two tributes to Westport students have been wonderful. Your article about the Staples Class of 2020 was particularly moving.

  4. Lori Goertz

    Just perfect, Melissa. Thank you for sharing.