Photo Challenge #282

Since 1947, Roger’s Septic Tanks has provided service — pumping, repairs, installation — from its Post Road location near Maple Avenue South.

It’s not a glamorous business. The property was not glamorous either. But boy, was it an essential service.

The facility itself has been there for 120 years. But it won’t be around much longer. Soon, it will be replaced by new homes.

A little bit of old Westport will be lost then. Hopefully, it will be remembered by folks like Wendy Cusick, Morley Boyd, Bobbie Herman, Jonathan McClure and Ed Simek.

Those 5 knew that last week’s Photo Challenge showed an intriguing view of the tank manufacturer. (Click here to see.) Very impressive!

On a side note, I’m impressed that everyone knows it’s Roger’s — as in, Roger owns it — rather than Rogers’ (as in a family’s last name). Also very impressive.

And this is impressive too: the plaque that forms this week’s Photo Challenge. I’m sure everyone has passed by this spot. But have you ever really noticed it?

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

22 responses to “Photo Challenge #282

  1. Bedford Square?

  2. Jerry Kuyper

    Behind Wells Fargo Advisors office building on The Mews. (East of the Trader Joe’s and the Wells Fargo branch)

  3. Pat Saviano

    Needle Park?

  4. Jack Backiel

    It’s South Maple Avenue. Adjectives go before the nouns!

  5. L, W. Demakis


    Have you had any word from the Staples ex-graduate who was producing face masks? It must be at least two weeks since you carried the article.I ordered two masks but haven’t heard from him yet. Louise Demakis


    • Bill Strittmatter

      Similar here. Unbeknownst to each other, both my wife (Order #65) and I (Order #70) ordered masks a couple of days apart. Hers arrived last week but mine have not. Interestingly, her shipping notice email had a USPS tracking number but mine did not.

      I sent a follow up email earlier today to the contact email on their website. You might try that.

      • Hello Bill,

        I’ve sent you a text in reply to your order. We are genuinely sorry this has happened. I’ve refunded your order and will have a replacement order sent out ASAP.

        Thank you so much for supporting us. We will make this right.

    • Hellow L, W. Demakis,

      This is Nuwan from CT Masks. I’ve gone through our orders and don’t see one that matches your name. If you could please get back to me at (469)-394-5505 or at, i’d love to make this right and offer you a refund as well as a resend of your order.

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  6. Elaine Marino

    Library Riverwalk and Garden.

  7. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    “Needle Park”. Corner of Main St. & Post Rd E.

  8. Dick Lowenstein

    Yes, Needle Park..the old (pre-1986) Library site.

  9. Jack Backiel

    Too bad I didn’t know about the face mask orders. My son-in-law sold 500,000 N-95 face masks to the state of Ohio. Oops.. I guess I missed one of Dan’s postings.

  10. Morley Boyd

    As stated previously, Needle Park. Or what most today would consider the loneliest corner of Main Street.

  11. It is the old library park, at the corner of Post Road and Main Street. Fondly called “Needle Park” — for the drugs that were (supposedly) sold there in the 1960s — and filled with inviting benches and bushes, it was a popular spot for guitarists, protestors, and anyone else wandering by.

    The Westport Library — in the building that now houses Starbucks and Freshii — owned the property. A deed ensured that it would remain open space in perpetuity. Indeed.

    • Christine Freeman

      Thank you for posting. That “park” is one of the first impressions of, and most visible sites in, Westport. At times it appears like it needs some tender loving care. Is there a particular trust or other vehicle responsible for taking care of it?

    • Ann Sheffer

      There also used to be a drinking fountain there, with a plaque that read “From the children of Robin’s Nest (my grandparents house) to the children of Westport” — I wish I knew what happened to it when the old Library was sold…❤️

      • Jack Backiel

        Ann, Check the former Westport Historical Society. Who knows, it might be there.

  12. Michael Calise

    This could have been a great little pocket park but the town blew it. mid 80’s

  13. Jeanine Esposito

    The Hilla Von Rebay Arboretum on Morningside?