Photo Challenge #278

Last week’s Photo Challenge featured a Westport favorite: ospreys.

One held a fish under its talons. Both perched on a dock, a wooden duck between them. The scene could have been many places. Where was it exactly?

Off Harbor Road, in Saugatuck Shores. I cropped Mark LaClair’s image so only a few clues were visible: The tip of Stony Point on the left, the Longshore golf driving range on the right. (Click here to see.)

That was enough for Andrea Cross, Tom Risch, Tyler Kupper, Seth Van Beever and Marj Brous. Others hovered in the general vicinity, but were off by a road or direction or two.

This week’s Photo Challenge involves one of the many memorial plaques that we see — but never really look at — all around town.

If you know where this one (with its mysteriously whimsical homage) is located, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #278

  1. Jonathan Maddock

    As a young boy in the early 1960’s, I remember sitting in the truck with my father when he’d take the weekly trip to the dump/landfill, now where the Levitt Pavilion & the Library currently stand. My dad would always wave and say hello to the bulldozer operator, “Popeye”. He’d always wave back and, if not in the middle of pushing stuff around, have a conversation. If I remember correctly, Popeye had an untimely death when his bulldozer rolled on him.
    I don’t know where this commemorative plaques resides, but I’d guess near The Levitt Pavilion.

  2. Jonathan Maddock

    Oh, and I’m guessing he had a glass eye (but I don’t really remember that).

  3. I just saw this on one of my walks but can’t remember where. Maybe the cemetery on the way out of Longshore?

  4. This commemorative plaque is at the golf range/practice area at Longshore golf course, behind the golf shop building.

  5. Michael Calise

    Worked for the Town of Westport at the Longshore landfill site. He was killed in a tragic accident when his bulldozer tipped over and pinned him underwater. The plaque was installed by The Westport Rotary Club, I believe, where the accident occurred. His son Billy lives in Weston with his wife Marie.

  6. By the putting practice green behind the pro shop at Longshore. I remember that tragic day and the sirens going down S. Compo Rd. for what seemed like an hour. And I later worked under some of the cops that went in to try and save Popeye. I know all his children.

  7. Marie DePalma

    Yes the plaque is by the practice green at longshore Was put there by the rotary club because my husband helped them (Peter Hannan) build the bus stop on canal street Asked what they could do to say thanks and he said plaque where his dad passed away. 5/5/1965

    • The great Peter Hannan who dropped that monster incinerator at Winslow Park!

  8. Thanks Dan. You leave no stones unturned in our beloved Westport. All the mystery is solved on this one. Thanks for the post. In fact, the anniversary of his passing is coming up the first week in May. RIP Popeye.

  9. Ann Urciuoli Allard


  10. Andrew Colabella

    It’s at the putting green behind the first tee golf club house.

    I never knew the relation between popeye and this man. I know famous people played at Longshore like Babe Ruth, members of the rat pack, but thought maybe a voiceover? I was way off. Sounds like he was more than those people I mentioned.