Despite Pandemic, Westport “Feels Alive”

Like many families, the Harrisons* were attracted to Westport for many reasons.

The arts vibe, Wakeman Town Farm, Saugatuck River, marina, restaurants, stores, the combination of historic and new homes, the beauty — all made it seem like “anyone can find a place here,” John Harrison says.

“People felt calm and comfortable in their own skin. It did not feel like anyone was putting on airs. Westport knows what it is, what it can offer, and is happy just as it is.”

The Westport Library offers a typical blend of curiosity, community spirit and beauty. (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

The Harrisons moved here 4 months ago. They had barely settled in when the coronavirus changed everything.

But despite physical distancing, countless closures and overwhelming fear and uncertainty, the Harrisons love the town even more.

When the pandemic slammed into Westport, he says, “so many people wanted to help, without demanding credit. There was such tremendous outreach.”

Walking on deserted streets, with everything from the schools and library to the Y and Playhouse shut down, Westport has seemed empty to me.

Not to Harrison.

“”The town feels like a Hallmark community,” he says. “People just want to do whatever they can for others. The town so feels alive, even now.”

Westporters have expressed their emotions in many ways. Here’s a tribute to first responders. (Photo/Molly Alger)

*Not their real name; they asked not to be identified.

4 responses to “Despite Pandemic, Westport “Feels Alive”

  1. welcome! yes, we’re glad you settled here. yes, it’ll get even better. yes, we (you and I) can count on ‘06880’ to keep us posted.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    Welcome to the “Harris” family. It’s so nice to hear praise for Westport again. I hope they will continue to find the good in our town, especially at this extraordinary time. We’ve been here many years and we don’t want to go anyplace else.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Of course I mean “the Harrison” family. I guess I was thinking of Marianne and David.

  3. Leslie Petersen

    Welcome home to the “ Harrisons “!