COVID-19 Roundup: Bell Ringing Tonight; Animals (And The Easter Bunny); Working Out, And More

Last Wednesday, Westport thanked doctors, nurses and all frontline workers during the pandemic with our first “Ringing of the Bells.”

So many people had such a great noisy, community time that we’re doing it again. All Westporters are invited to join in today, from 5 p.m. to 5:02.

Church bells, musical instruments, pots, pans — whatever you’ve got to make noise is joyfully welcome.

Anne Lawton put together this video, featuring Greens Farms Church and many local participants. The former news anchor (Fox 5 New York, News 8 New Haven) appears at the end urging everyone to join in.

Besides bells, Americans are howling.

Staples High School 1979 graduate David Stalling reports from Missoula, Montana, where every night at 8 p.m. he hears large packs of people — and dogs — howling loudly. They (the humans) are doing it for the same reason others ring bells: to honor healthcare and other frontline workers.

“It’s strangely fun and therapeutic,” he says. “Get out and howl!” Here’s a video from Missoula:

Speaking of animals, “06880” readers have noted an increased number out and about. They’ve commented on how many birds are singing too.

Wendy Cusick reminds Westporters to keep all dogs on leashes. There are coyotes and skunks galore!

This may be Easter without filled churches. But kids can still have a bunny and a basket.

Aarti Khosla — the generous owner of Le Rouge Aartisan Chocolates — is creating 200 Easter baskets. Thanks to the Westport Downtown Merchants Association, the Easter bunny will stand on Church Lane at the turn-in by the Christ & Holy Trinity courtyard. Families can drive by, wave, and do a contactless basket pickup.

It’s 12 to 2 p.m. Sunday — first come, first served!


Of all the things I miss about life BC — before coronavirus — my daily swim at the Westport Y is near the top of the list.

I’ve substituted daily walks. In addition to far fewer endorphins, I’m limping around with a severely pulled calf muscle. (I’m not the only one. Several people told me of similar issues. Go figure.)

Normally I’d suck it up (and ice it). But without my daily exercise, I’d go batshit.

So I called EJ Zebro. The owner of TAP Strength Lab, he helps everyone from high school athletes to 80-somethings “move better through life.” I wanted to feel better (fast!), and reduce the likelihood of another idiotic overuse injury.

A guy like EJ is very hands-on. Of course, that’s the last thing he can do now. But he’s pivoted well. We FaceTimed. I showed him my calf; he showed me stretches and exercises, and patiently answered my questions. (Yes, I can bike.)

EJ is one small example of how our world has changed. TAP is one small but important business that’s figuring out how to continue to help, in new ways. It’s not easy — but I am very grateful that EJ is still around.

EJ Zebro

Sydney Newman turned 17 yesterday. The Staples High School student celebrated the new 2020 way: with a few friends, all properly distanced. Happy birthday, Sydney!

Everyone has something they miss about their old lives. Here’s Stephanie Bass’ contribution:

And finally, for all those celebrating Passover — and even those who are not:

(From Wikipedia: ‘”Dayenu’ is a song that is part of the Jewish holiday of Passover. The word ‘dayenu’ means approximately ‘it would have been enough,’ ‘it would have been sufficient’ or ‘it would have sufficed.’ This traditional upbeat Passover song is over 1,000 years old. The song is about being grateful to God for all of the gifts he gave the Jewish people, such as taking them out of slavery, giving them the Torah and Shabbat, and had God only given one of the gifts, it would have still been enough. This is to show much greater appreciation for all of them as a whole.”)

10 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: Bell Ringing Tonight; Animals (And The Easter Bunny); Working Out, And More

  1. Hope it helped Dan!!! Reach out if I can be of more help. If anyone else needs help just reach out to TAP Strength and we will find a way to keep you moving. #staystrong

  2. Elaine Marino

    The notification we received from Town of Westport today stated that gatherings of five people or more are not allowed. Wouldn’t this make the driveway get-together included in this post verboten (i.e., even though the girls in the photo are six feet away from one another)? I am not asking to get anyone in trouble; I just want to understand the rules.

    • Bill Strittmatter

      Not particularly “safe” for anyone downwind. Where are the masks?

  3. Ted Horowitz

    FYI: This video was made in 2015, not during the Covid crisis. No masks required!

  4. I love that this is happening all over! I would have loved it even more if anyone had asked me for permission to use my video of Missoula howling, though.

  5. I posted a link to the YouTube video, but it’s still nice to ask, and credit is important, especially for creative work.

    • It’s a great video, Patty. If you saw how many people forwarded my stuff every day without credit, you’d be amazed. I’m just happy the info gets out there, however it can. I’ve got far more important things to worry about. Have a nice day.

    • Dave Stalling

      Patty, I am the one who sent this to my friend Dan to help show what a fun, friendly, special and supportive community Missoula can be. I quickly picked one of several dozen videos that are publicly available. Considering the purpose and spirit of the nightly howling, the fact it was available on a public site, and that anyone who clicked on the link can see who made it . . . Well, I just assumed you wouldn’t mind. I should have made and submitted my own video. My apologies.

      • There’s nothing wrong with sharing something with a friend. You’re fine. 🙂

        I’m not super upset about this specific video because it really didn’t take much effort, I’m mainly trying to help make people aware of the problems that can arise from someone who does art for a living having their work shared without permission or credit. For example, last night I got a message from someone looking to hire a video editor, which wouldn’t have happened if my Facebook info hadn’t been linked to the post I made. Yes you can get to my YouTube channel through an embedded video, but a) you’d be surprised how many people don’t know/can’t figure out how, and b) if a creator hasn’t specifically added their contact info to their channel, YouTube doesn’t have a built-in messaging system.

        Does that make sense?